Spring News Updates

Naoko Takeuchi drew some new Sailor Moon pictures and they appeared in the March 2013 issue of Japanese fashion magazine TokyoViVi. There is a much older looking Sailor Moon, a lot of chibis, and the cover is adorned with a very angelic looking Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Pegasus. What’s even better? In a few weeks I hope to have hi-res scans for you (the magazine is on the way to me). So more on this, later. But until then, there’s a beautiful high-res image of the cover on the magazine’s official blog.

So around April Fool’s Day, somehow a rumor got perpetuated around the fandom that on April 4th, the new Sailor Moon Series’ theme song (performed by Momoiro Clover Z) was going to be released. No fans shared the source of this rumor with me, nor was I able to find any news in Japan related to this. Sailor Moon likes to surprise all of us when we least expect it, so I was 95% sure that nothing was going to happen. Something did happen that day though! Bakusho Show Battle is a variety show in Japan that airs twice a year, and celebrities, bands, idol groups, and comedians come together to battle. And how do they battle? By parodying hit songs of course (either by shooting a video or performing live)! They are placed on two teams, Team Ronbu (or team “London Boots”), and Team Chutto. There are different categories, and one group from each team are placed head to head against each other. At the end of each battle, 5 celebrity judges pick their favorite, and at the end all the votes are tallied to see if Team Ronbu or Chutto wins. The episode can be found around the internets if you know how to look. Momoiro Clover Z was given the task of parodying the Sailor Moon S opening. While this gave fans a good taste of what they might sound like when the new series makes it to broadcast, at least one fan on our facebook page was not amused. Momoiro Clover Z did not win their challenge against Natsuki Kato, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Mou Chugakusei and Ryosuke Tsunaba (aka Ronbu) parodying the opening and the ending (where Nello and Patrasche die) to Dog of Flanders. Momoiro Clover Z came to the show in their typical character colors, adorned with sashes featuring their website address. While Momoiro Clover Z didn’t get much love from the judges (only one vote), they were on the winning team, Team Chutto! Here’s the video below for you to watch. Fans can see some photos from the show and read more about the challenges here.

As far as the new series goes, it’s probably going to be delayed (and some things aren’t even decided yet). Follow Osabu8 on Twitter – and he tweets in English too so don’t be afraid to ask him questions! We’ve noticed he’s pretty receptive to fans. We’re going to be taking Operation Moonrise in a completely new direction soon too, so watch out for that.

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