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We Finally Get Around to an Old Sighting A Fan Sent Us…

A very long time ago, a fan sent us a Sailor Moon sighting in Getbackers Volume 27, however it was in the French version of the manga and it had yet to be translated in English. Not being familiar with the series, it wasn’t until a long time after that we found out that the volume was part of the Infinity Fortress series, and then things with the site got extremely busy to the point that this poor sighting got put on the back burner, several times over. For this, we sincerely apologize to Boyce for how long it took us to get to this sighting. But, we finally got it!

This issue had a couple Sailor Moon sightings in it. The first story in the issue features the Getbackers on an unusual assignment: to recover a lost dog named Lucky. This is part of the Birth 2: Operation: Retrieve the Genius Dog arc! Lucky was taken away by some TV network executives and featured on many shows, but unfortunately when his owner, 15-year-old Natsumi Mizuki wanted him back, they refused to give him back to her. Lucky is a dog that has a crescent moon on his head, and is very good at math. However, the dog has more than just skin and bones under his fur! He reminded us of the cats in the series!

The second one, is a particularly hillarious scene involving Maria, Ban’s Grandmother! She greets Ban and Ginji in Voodoo Child – Part 4 Mandrake Voodoo Coffee, and performs a very fitting tribute to Sailor Moon. Part of the humor in this is that even though she is very old, she looks very young. And, she is a little crazy. Here is the sighting from Boyce in French, which translates to (from the top, right to left):

Maria : “If you call me old one more time…”
Maria : “In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you! <3"
Ban : “Stop it with your 15 year old tributes… Crazy century old woman!”

And here is the sighting in English!

This is included in Tokyopop’s release of GetBackers: Infinity Fortress Volume #2. Tokyopop has lost the license to GetBackers as it was a Kodansha title, however some copies are still available for purchase in stores. The license was pulled mid-release, and this is a title we expect Kodansha USA to announce a release for soon!

Neko Jump – First Inspired by Anime, Now Sings Theme Song!

Neko Jump is a very popular J-Pop inspired duo from Thailand. The twins, Warattha and Charattha Imraphon, are currently singing the theme song for the anime Animal Detectives Kirumin (or better known as Kiruminzoo) which premiered on October 5th. The girls have been interested in Japan for almost their whole lives, since their dad used to buy them anime when they were younger. Sailor Moon was one of their favorites! One of their biggest hits, “Pooh” is being used as the theme song for the anime, and is one of the few anime that has a theme song sung entirely in Thai! It’s a very cutesy sounding song and we think it was a perfect choice for the anime! Moonies can check out the opening here! Another one of their hits, “Chuai Mad No” also serves as the series’ ending.

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