Smile Moonies, We’re Bringing You The REAL Sailor Moon!

So yesterday afternoon, I spoke with Linda Ballantyne’s agent again, and the agent told me that she is interested in doing an interview! This was a wonderful surprise among all the terrible news from the last two weeks. We promise you (Senshi/Scout’s Honor!) that this is not an impostor. So, here’s what we have decided…

We’re going to redo the last interview, but we’re going to let the fans get involved as well. We have room for a few questions from fans – but in order to keep things fair for everyone involved, fans are only allowed to submit a maximum of 2 questions each. We had people submitting too many questions for the phony Sarah Lafleur interview and we had an interview that was 7 pages long – it was just too much to handle. Fans can send us an email (, comment here, or post questions in our forums (we’ve posted it under the campaigns subforum). For those of you who want to see what questions we’ll be asking, we have posted them in the same thread. For fans who just want to send comments to Linda, we will allow those as well and send along those too. Fans only have until Sunday APRIL 11th at Midnight to send in all of their submissions. (Sorry I got the months mixed up, it was a crazy day yesterday!)

Smile Moonies, we told you some good was going to come out of this! If there is one thing we have all learned since becoming Sailor Moon fans, it is to never give up. We haven’t given up on the show, and we will never, ever, give up on the fandom.

3 Responses to “Smile Moonies, We’re Bringing You The REAL Sailor Moon!”

  1. Sakky Says:

    Good deal! I think many of the questions in the original interview were interesting and I'd like to hear the real answers for those. 😀 Looking forward to it!

  2. SparklingBlue Says:

    My question: How did you get your role?

  3. esahC Says:

    2 questions eh? Hmm…

    Ms. Hawkes, thank you for your time with this. Although I wish to ask more questions, here are mine…

    1. Compared to Tracy Moore and Terri Hawkes, how would you say you portrayed Sailor Moon compared to the other two voice actresses?
    2. Did your talents to the dub benefited to your career/Did the job made you more popular?

    From me to you,

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