SH Figuarts – Inner Senshi Complete


Sailor Jupiter is the last of the inner senshi to be released in the line of the posable SH Figuarts figurines. She will be going on sale for pre-orders soon, so here’s a quick roundup of pictures of the available figurines and some reviews we found so that you can get more details about each of the figures.


Sailor Moon & Luna:

Sailor Moon SH Figuarts review by Tomopop


Sailor Mercury:

Sailor Mercury SH Figuarts review by Tomopop


Sailor Mars:

Sailor Mars SH Figuarts review by Tomopop


Sailor Venus & Artemis:

Sailor Venus is currently available for pre-orders, with the release date of May 21st for North America (according to Amazon).


Sailor Jupiter:

Sailor Jupiter will be available for pre-order starting on April 2nd.


Once you have your set of the inner senshi complete, what’s next?


 Sailor Saturn is coming!


We’re looking forward to seeing how many more of the senshi will be released in this line of figurines. Will you be collecting the whole set or just a few? Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments!


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