Seth Green Says Sailor Moon Costumes Are Sexy

team unicorn cosplay

Clare Grant and the Girls of Team Unicorn Cosplaying as the Senshi

Last night’s episode of Conan featured Seth Green as a guest. During his interview, Seth talked about the San Diego Comic-Con and cosplay. Seth told Conan that there are lots of people in costume at Comic-Con and that he noticed a change a few years ago in the type of people who like the kind of content you find at Comic-Con. He said that in recent years, hot girls started liking cosplay and dressing up (or at least became able to admit it out loud). So, instead of the previously hired models in costume at exhibitor booths who would look at the crowds of nerds in disdain, there are now girls who are dressed up and excited to have their picture taken “because they are dressed up as Sailor Moon or whatever.”

Also, when Conan asked what the sexiest costume was that Seth saw at Comic-Con, Seth replied that last year his wife (Clare Grant) and the girls from Team Unicorn dressed up as the Sailor Scouts and he thought that was pretty awesome. Conan didn’t know what the Sailor Scouts were, so Seth had to explain that they are Sailor Moon and her associates. Seth also joked that Conan would have a rough time at Comic-Con if he doesn’t know who the Sailor Scouts are!

Fans can see the clip of the show with Seth Green on CTV’s website, on Team Coco, or on Scene NFO.

Also, fans may be interested in this popular music video by Team Unicorn, which includes another reference to Sailor Moon:

Photo from Curse the Cosmos. Originally printed in the book Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

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