Seen and Heard!

Here come some older sightings with updated information, as well as a tidbit sighting from late december 2006.

Sailor Moon Sausages, May 2006:

This comes from this month’s Anime Insider (The cover says “101 Facts You Must Know to be an Otaku”). Fact #91 tells
of a little known fact about Sailor moon Merchandise, that surely
falls into the same category as Heinz’s Sailor Moon Pasta and
Marumiya’s Sailor Moon Furikake. A company called Nissui marketed
Sailor Moon fish-meat Sausages in 1993 to capitalize on the shojo
craze, and it came with a sticker and commercials were made. Here’s
the scan from the issue (sadly there is no picture).

EDIT: The internet holds the key! Lilian’s Anime Site has pictures of the packaging , but not the snacks themselves! Click here to have a look!

Network TV November 2005:

For those of us moonies who are fans of the NBC series Joey, may have
noticed a little something out of the ordinary in the episode “Joey and the Sex Tape”. If the title of this episode offends you, you probably shouldn’t read any further. Joey is the Friends spin-off that lasted for two seasons, and
tried bigger and bolder things this year. Unfortunately, despite additions to the cast, the show did not fare well with viewers and was eventually cancelled by NBC, with some episodes that never made it to air in North America (but did in other countries). This season has not yet been released on DVD but is expected to sometime later this year.

In this episode, Joey Tribbiani landed a spot on the popular TV talk show, Ellen (hosted by Ellen DeGeneres). However, there was a catch to this, an ex-girlfriend of Joey’s was planning to blackmail him with a very private tape unless he apologized to her on Ellen. The episode wasn’t a hit among fans of the show.

However, in Ellen’s first scene , she meets up with Joey backstage to talk about what she is going to talk to him about when he comes on. And behind her head on a shelf you can see various figures, of which two of them are suspected to be characters
out of Sailor Moon. I think it’s Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn we are seeing, but the second one is left up to the fans’ discretion for who it is. There may be a third Sailor Moon figure in a darker figure,but she doesn’t move her head enough so I can’t really tell what that other figure is. I am not sure whether the figures are part of the real Ellen set and put up there by her or her staff, or whether it was
an indirect gesture from the staff of Joey.

Here’s a screenshot of the dolls in question:

And here they are zoomed in. There is a third behind her head (not visible in this picture).

Late December 2006 “Seen and Heard”

G4 TechTV Canada’s popular Gaming Show, X-Play has an interactive chat feature where fans watching the show can chat as they watch the show, and the conversation appears on the show’s screen. One of the questions asked by the crew was something to the effect of , if you could have any video game remade, which one would it be and why? One fan suggested that the Sailor Moon fighting games for the Super NES should be remade because they were too hard. We had to agree with the fan after playing them and not getting past the first round.

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