Sakura Con 2011: Aniplex of America Industry Panel

To start off, Aniplex representatives gave an introduction about their company, for fans unfamiliar with them. Aniplex licenses various anime to U.S. companies and is a subsidiary of Sony Music. Aniplex titles are available to buy direct from Right Stuf and Bandai Entertainment online. Aniplex also recently began distributing titles via Play Station Network (which is currently down after being hacked recently).

Streaming of Aniplex titles is available online on their YouTube channel, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Anime News Network. Streaming content includes the latest trailers and special content such as interviews and bloopers. Aniplex tries to bring as many shows as possible that they produce to the U.S., in association with other companies.


Gurren Lagann MoviesChildhood’s End and Lights in the Sky are Stars. Two disc DVD edition now available.

Read Or Die complete boxset now available. This title has been upconverted to high-def video, includes the original dub voice track, has new subtitles, and is virtually identical to the Japanese boxset, except that the booklets are in English.

Durarara parts one and two are currently available, with part three scheduled to release on May 31st. Part three is currently available for pre-order.

Baccano will be released on May 17th in a limited edition, Blu-ray boxset.

Blue Exorcist started to be simulcast online beginning on April 20th. The online broadcasts are three days after the Japanese television airing. This 25 episode series is based on the manga by Kazue Kato, which is available through Viz (volume one is now available).

Regarding limited release items, Aniplex representatives indicated that they will keep an eye on fan opinion to see if there is a demand for increased availability. As for distribution, they are also looking to expand to the Amazon Marketplace to reach more customers.

Photo credits: images belong to Aniplex

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