Sailormoon Channel Update: The Return of Chibi-Usa!

Hey Moonies!

About two to two-and-a-half years ago, Sailormoon Channel (the official site in Japan) revamped their site but deleted any trace of the outer senshi and Chibi-Usa. Before, all of the Senshi used to be displayed on the site menu and each one of them had an animated splash screen. This was probably done to push PGSM with fans back then. Some fans were sad to see that the other senshi had disappeared, and thought that they may never come back.

On a side note: Just because the webpage says it’s for Japanese Only doesn’t mean people from all over the world can’t access it! Some parts of the site are oddly enough in English!

After PGSM went off of the air, the site took a new direction: Some features were removed, such as the goods around the world section and Princess Naoko’s Room (where she would occasionally give updates on what she was up to).

One feature that was added was the “Moon Prism Box”. This can be accessed first by clicking the moon on the homepage that says “click”, and then clicking on “Moon Prism Box” when you hit the menu. When you open it you see an animation of all the senshi, but if you click on Sailor Moon, it takes you to her bedroom (the others lead to profiles). You can click on the objects in her room and they will take you to different spots on her site, but most important is the Television – Click that and you are taken to a menu where select stories from the manga are somewhat animated and set to PGSM music. These are updated more regularly than the rest of the site! Or for kicks, Here’s Princess Serenity giving you your daily fortune !

Whoever is in charge of building this site (we don’t know if Naoko Takeuchi has 100% control over this site) has finally added one character back! Chibi-Usa returned April 1st, 2007. She has a profile in Usagi’s room, and is also the highlight character in the second set of manga animations which just went online today! We encourage fans to take a look at the manga animations if they haven’t seen them yet.

We are glad to see this character return and we are hoping that the other characters return soon! We do have to end this article on a questioning note: if this is the official Sailor Moon site, why have they made no mention of the anime episodes being available on Toei’s new Anime on Demand service ?

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