Sailormoon Channel Update: A Pluto Has Returned!

Out of my own curiousity last thursday night, I found myself at the official Sailor Moon website, only to discover a major revamp! Gone was the old front page in favour of an animated menu with the senshi popping up with their elements! And looking at the day that the site had posted of the update, I figured that it must have been only a few hours old. So I rounded up available members of my staff – Starcat and The Me, and we explored around trying to figure out where links were taking us in the site. We have since made a new and improved image and rough translation of the menu – but we recommend for some sections you refer to the guide we posted in the last update. We figure we must have been one of the first visitors to some sections of the site as some parts of Sailor Jupiter’s section were being uploaded as we were browsing. The three of us ‘partied’ for at least a half an hour and the links didn’t work for us until we were done browsing the site. Please click the image for a larger and more readable version!

More importantly, we noticed that they had added Sailor Pluto to the front page! Pluto may no longer be a planet but it’s great to see her back with the other Senshi! The outer Senshi have pretty much been AWOL from the site since PGSM started. Hopefully soon we will see the other senshi (and maybe the starlights?)! Tuxedo Mask has also been added (though not in a cute chibi form) to the profiles page, and completely unexpected was the addition of Motoki Furuhata! Motoki has no turtle this time around 🙁 but he welcomes the users in the games section of the site, just like he does in the in all the shows and manga.

Aside from this it appears they have also made some updates to the arsenal section and have answered some new letters in the Mail Corner. Here’s a summary of the letters. The first one comes from a 12 year old fan who likes Sailor Moon even though she is getting older. She wants to one day protect Sailor Moon in a fight, and Naoko says that she should aim high and keep trying her best just like Usagi! The second letter comes from “Alice in Wonderland”, a 7-year -old who likes Usagi and has friends at her dance school (but she wants to be friends with Usagi). Naoko likes this letter and says that Alice is just like a Usagi, light and cheerful! The third letter comes from a fan who wants to know if they can buy the manga in a typical bookstore, because they are slightly different than the anime. Naoko responds that they can be ordered if they are not in the bookstore and links to the manga page. The fourth one comes from a 22 year old fan who likes the updates to Moon Prism Box, and Naoko says she would like to update it every month. The last one comes from a 10 year old who tells Naoko she likes Tuxedo Mask and Usagi , and Naoko wonders why she doesn’t like Sailor Jupiter and the others but thinks her Luna ascii is cute!

We’d like to see the return of Princess Naoko’s room, it’s been too long since we’ve heard what she has been up to as of late.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    it would have been nicer if you used the actual japanese names for the translations of the sections.

    Such as “Character Album”, “Item Collection”, “Prism Channel”, “Luna Report”, “Game Center Crown”, “Serenity Fortune” and “Mail Box”, instead of making up your own names.

  2. sailordees Says:

    We could have, but for ease of use for others we thought it was better to say what the pages were pointing to rather than the names the site had given.

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