Sailor Moon Tees at Hot Topic

Sailor Moon T-shirts are now available in the Hot Topic e-store. The product description states: “This fitted white tee features a front screen of Sailor Moon posing with her cosmic crescent wand.” However, fans will notice that she is actually holding the cutie moon rod, from the R season.

The white, cotton shirt is an online exclusive priced at $22.50 to $26.50 and available in sizes XS to 3XL. The product details also indicate that it is imported.

For fans curious about the licensing details, you can use the magnifying glass on the Hot Topic product page to zoom in even more than hovering over the product. If you zoom in enough at the top, you can see that the printed label only lists Naoko Takeuchi/PNP and Toei Animation in the copyright notice.

We think that the release of this new T-shirt may be in response to Kodansha’s interest in seeing merchandise available that coincides with the upcoming manga release. If we hear more details about similar products we will be sure to let you know!

Photos from Hot Topic. Thanks to Moon Chase fans Ashley Smith and Audra Peloquin for the tip!

Edit: More T-shirt designs have been added!

The black Purrrfect T-shirt for girls features Artemis and Luna with text that reads “We’re Purrrfect Together,” The black Sailor Senshi T-shirt for girls features the five inner senshi, and the black Hero T-shirt for girls features Tuxedo Mask with the words “I Need a Hero.” Thanks to Moon Chase fan Kristy Young for the tip about the extra designs!

Edit 2: We just got some more details in a Moon Chase exclusive! Other T-shirt designs will be coming soon and fans can expect to see additional merchandise in the fourth quarter of this year. The T-shirt designs are licensed to Hybrid Apparel.

4 Responses to “Sailor Moon Tees at Hot Topic”

  1. StarCandy1998 Says:

    Awesome! I think this is good news.

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  3. Chrisseh Says:

    Just bought the black shirt with the Inner Senshi! Can’t wait to see how it looks, AND I can’t wait to see more Sailor Moon stuff!

  4. StarCandy1998 Says:

    Does anybody actually know where the white shirt disappeared to? I went to check it out but it’s gone.

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