Sailor Moon Survey Reminder and Update

Greetings Sailor Moon fans. We are pleased with the response by the fanbase to our latest survey on merchandise. Please note, however that this is a merchandise only survey – we are currently not conducting a survey pertaining to the anime or the manga.

While we know that every Sailor Moon fan wants the anime back, that is not the focus of this survey so please make sure not to put any comments about the anime specifically in there (i.e. dvds, and/or blu rays). As far as merchandise for the manga goes, we were told last year that Toei Animation holds all the merchandising rights for everything Sailor Moon. Toei Animation and Kodansha are two independent companies and are handling the revival on their own terms. So while we do know that fans really want to see manga merchandise (and Kodansha is also aware of this), it isn’t possible at this moment.

Thank you for the responses to this survey so far – we are really looking forward to compiling the results and seeing what the fans wishes are for obtaining the latest in Sailor Moon merchandise.

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