Sailor Moon on The Price is Right

Hey Moonies, we continue to apologize for the lack of regular updates. Neither myself nor sailordees are being spared much time at present, so updates are pretty shaky. sailordees should have an update full of Halloween stuff for you this weekend, so stay tuned for that. Unfortunately for now the Commercials Corner is going to be on indefinite hold because of the immense amount of time it takes up, though if we get wind of any sightings of Keiko Kitagawa or any of the other PGSM actresses, we’ll make sure they make their way here.

Of course, we’re still looking for writers to help us get the stories flowing again, so if you have the talent and are interested, check out the link on the sidebar and drop us a line.

But, onto the real feature, this one made its way to our ears and we found it pretty interesting!

Rich Fields presents this showcase by doing a spoken-word version of “One Week” by the Bare Naked Ladies, famous for its verse that includes Sailor Moon and a reference to other “anime babes”. Speaking that verse as a lead-in to the last prize, it was presented by one of the Price is Right models dressed up in an obvious homage to Sailor Moon, including her hair style. Of course, it’s not hard to tell that the colors are all wrong (for copyright reasons, most likely) and she tried to do the pose (possibly copyright again), but the thought is certainly appreciated nonetheless. All in all, not something you’d normally expect on daytime TV.

4 Responses to “Sailor Moon on The Price is Right”

  1. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    OMG!!!! That was so much fun!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA. Like you mentioned, pretty weird to see it on day time TV!!


  2. sailordees Says:

    I thought that costume was absolutely hideous?! She had SPANGLES on her fuku… and the colors were all wrong. I’m a big fan of Drew Carey and I think he has watched a little anime before, and I thought he could have payed some attention to detail…

    *breathes a huge sigh of relief* I am so glad I have a few days free to get back to work on this site. I am really looking forward to writing things not school related at all! I missed each and every one of you, seriously *sniffle*.

  3. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    HAHHAhaa… !! Sure, of course that was hideous. But funny anyway. I’m just so glad that SM is not COMPLETELY forgotten even though it’s been such a long time. :p

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I remember this episode. Drew Carey gave the idea to use a Sailor Moon reference when he recalled "an anime cartoon that has not been shown in the early 2000s".

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