Sailor Moon Nostalgia in the News in Japan!

We wish we had new merchandise to report, but sadly we don’t. We did find a couple mentions of some Sailor Moon Nostalgia in the news today!

The first one comes from Tokyo’s infamous Akihabara shopping district, aka Otaku haven. The writer of this story was commenting about New Years’ sales, and how shoppers are eager to find deals. Some stores handed out grab bags of odds and ends they want to get rid of for ¥3000. One of them the reporter snagged had three masks in it, a Kukuri mask from Mahojin Guru Guru, one from Brave Command Dagwon, and Sailor Pluto! Bargains included computer parts and accessories, PVRs, model kits, toys, and video games.

The second one comes from Innolife, a Japanese site aimed to be a bridge between other Asian cultures such as Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese and Japanese cultures. The South Korean Embassy of Japan is going to hold an exhibition, reminiscing of Japanese toys of the path. Japanese cartoons and entertainment from the 50’s onto today are very popular in Korea, however some of the toys were hard to come by in Korea. So from January 16th to the 26th, people will have an opportunity to visit the Embassy and see a collection of these toys, filled with favorite characters such as Astroboy, Doraemon, Kamen Rider, and of course, Sailor Moon (which wasn’t pictured in the article). People may even get the chance to play with some of these toys! If any of our Japanese readers are planning to attend this event we would love to see pictures!

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