Sailor Moon Music Sightings!

We have a couple Sailor Moon sightings in music to present to you all!

The first one comes to us all the way from South Korea. Drunken Tiger is the most popular hip-hop group in the country, and has built up their own crew of many different artists. I first caught wind of this band while listening to Pop Goes Asia many years ago. Their music combines so many different styles, including R&B, and Reggae, and in my opinion I think the majority of their songs put a lot of current rap hits in North America to shame. The song Mission Impossible, was a collaborative effort between a few members of their hip hop crew, The Movement (think like Eminem and D12) and was featured on a collaborative rap album, 1999’s DaeHanMinGook. This album is very difficult to find nowadays. The members featured on this track are Tiger JK (the frontman of Drunken Tiger), DJ Shine (then co-frontman of Drunken Tiger), Thanos (formerly of rival group Uptown), Tasha (Korea’s leading lady of Hip Hop and Tiger’s Wife), Carlos Galvan and Steve Kim (of rival group Uptown), and rapper HeeSung. Thanos referred to Sailor Moon in his part of the song, and we have uploaded a short clip of his verse for you. Keep your ears open and listen for “leavin’ ya whole paltoon lookin’ cartoon like sailor moon you need to sail on we wail on wack emcees that trail on”. For those of you who do find this song, there’s a bit of language in it that’s been left out of the lyrics, so don’t listen to it if you’re not old enough ^_^. Rest assured, the clip we have posted is clean. Drunken Tiger and the Movement are still around, their 7th album Sky is the Limit was released last year, and Tasha released her third album Yoon Mi Rae after a long hiatus also last year. Tiger and Tasha were also married in secret last year and had their first son, Jordan earlier this year. I recommend readers give this band a listen if they want to hear something different, and they do rap a lot in English so it’s okay if you don’t understand Korean. To listen to the clip we have uploaded, click here.
Short Verse from The Movements Mission Impossible – The Movement

We also decided that after the Matsuricongoers got to have a listen to Toru “ToFu” Furuya’s (Tuxedo Kamen) song, that we’d stop leaving the rest of you all in suspense. We uploaded the first verse up until the end of the chorus for you all to listen to from his song about Tuxedo Kamen’s eternal love for Sailor Moon, Everlasting My Love. Click here to check it out!

First Verse of Everlasting My Love – Toru Furuya

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