Sailor Moon Music Releases in Japan

We’ve learned about two new CD releases in Japan that have a lot to do with Sailor Moon!

The first one comes from Hatch Entertainment, and is titled Pico Moe! Future 8-Bit Series 2 Magical Chip 8-bit Chan (Catalog Number: HATCH-802). This title is too genki for us (8-bit chan?). The Sailor Moon theme song is among the 15 tracks reworked on this album. Others include songs from Pretty Cure, Ojamajo Doremi, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, and Magical Angel Creamy Mami. Despite the odd title, some of these remixes are actually pretty cool to listen to. Fans can go here to hear samples.

The second one… makes us all feel old. There is a karaoke CD series in Japan called For the 30’s Generation, and the fourth one is about to drop (Catalog Number COCX-35155). This one features lots of anime theme songs for those people who are in their thirties, and Sailor Moon is included. None of us on staff are close to being 30 yet and we really think they should have come up with a different title for it… we’re not that old, and it’s not like Sailor Moon is ancient either! Other popular songs are included from such anime as Kinnikuman, Cutie Honey, Galaxy Express 999, Gatchaman, Lupin the 3rd, and one of our favorites, Cha-La Head Cha-La from Dragon Ball Z. We can’t decide between this and this which one is our favorite performance :). This one will be released in about a month’s time.

Nonetheless, since official Sailor Moon releases of any kind have been slow the last few years, we fans almost have to take whatever we can get at this point. We’re pleased to see that there’s been quite a few artists over the years cover the songs from the series. Both CDs are available at your favorite asian import online retailer (we like YesAsia).

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