Sailor Moon Manga News From Japan!

And A Creative Manga Sighting in a North American Magazine!

Japanese complete series only manga retailer Mangazenkan just published their March sales rankings, and Sailor Moon was the 17th most popular series sold, surpassing Dragon Ball which was the 20th most popular! And for those of you interested in knowing their shopper demographics, 52.4% of shoppers were male, and 47.6% were female. Congratulations, Sailor Moon!

And in other manga news, fans may be relieved to know that it appears that the Sailor Moon manga has gone back into print. Before, the Kodansha store pages would read that the titles were out of stock and a reprint date to be determined. Now, they are linking to other stores which have an abundance of copies available. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this is a sign of better things to come and a return for the manga around the world. Each manga costs ¥460, which works out to $5 USD. The entire set from Mangazenkan comes to $60 USD. Not a terrible deal for fans who want the renewed edition of the manga!

And now, an update on Operation Moonrise Phase 4!

We’re still making tremendous progress, Moonies! As of right now, we have 875 surveys in, but we still need your help! As we mentioned before, because Toei Animation Inc. of LA handles the worldwide rights of all their English-language properties, we would very much like to be able to represent all of the English speaking countries of the world, not just those in North America.

Our goal is to have at least 500 responses from the US, at least 300 from Canada, and no less than 100 from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Right now, we are less than 10 away from our US goal, and the UK only has about 15 to meet this bare minimum, but Canada is just under 175 responses and Australia and New Zealand are both under 50! D:

Spread the word, and let’s shore up these numbers as high as they’ll go! We’re especially counting on our Canadian, Australian and New Zealand readers to spread the word any way they can! Our contacts have been very receptive to our last two surveys and we hope to include as many fans as possible in this one! We’ve already surpassed the total from our very first survey, but that’s certainly no reason to stop, send us your surveys and lend your voice to SAILOR MOON!

4 Responses to “Sailor Moon Manga News From Japan!”

  1. josh_ayon Says:

    I did the survey XD and i hope Sailor Moon makes a big come back here!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    For Question 8 "* 8. I would prefer to watch Sailor Moon and/or Sailor Stars on:"

    I would prefer to watch Sailor Moon and/or Sailor Stars on free-to-air TV, either analog or digital, not cable. Sailor Moon should be free for all to see!

  3. Tegan Says:

    Um…I clicked on the link to do the survey, but it says that it's closed. Being an Australian, I wanted to help out with Operation Moonrise by filling out the survey. Can the problem be fixed?

  4. sailordees Says:

    It's closed, Sorry Tegan. It ended on Sunday night.

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