Sailor Moon Inspires Disabled Kids!

This story touched our hearts when we read it. In Japan, there is a sports club in Fukichiyama built for disabled and handicapped people. On November 4th, they held an event for everyone (even if they were not disabled or handicapped) to come out and learn about synchronized swimming. A professional synchro team from Kyoto came to perform and also teach at these workshops. Three childrens’ synchro teams from the club performed as well, and their team names were Cosmos, Water Kids, and Sailor Moon. Though their movements were simple, and some swimmers had to swim with the help of another, they were able to form circles, clap in rhythm, and move their arms. They were very graceful despite their disabilities! Everyone who was there loved to see these kids and they were all overflowing with happiness! This event was meant to promote rehab programs and inspire everyone that no matter what their disability is, they can do far more than they expected. This club was established in 2005, and aimed to advance independence of handicapped and disabled people, as well as giving them a place to participate in activities. The pool opened just last summer, and they began swimming and aquatic activities. It’s always amazing to see that Sailor Moon still has this inspirational presence all over the world and inspires people from all walks of life. So to the children of Fukichiyama handicapped sports club, we salute you for your continued recovery and rehabilitation, and your persistence to not allow barriers and life to stop you from achieving your dreams!

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