Sailor Moon Inspired Artist Scores Job With Marvel!

Emily Warren had dreams of being an illustrator. When she was young, she became intrigued by the manga artform after reading the Sailor Moon manga. To her, Usagi was the quintessential “regular girl”, terrible at school and unable to find a boyfriend. As we all know, Usagi had to learn to come out of her shy, shell when she became Sailor Moon. Like Usagi, Emily was an introvert in middle school, and is coming out of her shell when she appears at conventions with her artwork. Emily pursued her dream further, by taking commercial art classes at Jefferson City High School (which have since been discontinued) and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago in 2007. She trained to be an animator, but she plans on being an illustrator. Emily’s friend Christina Scrain, noticed her talent and introduced her work to editors at Marvel. Soon after, she landed a job at Marvel, as a colorist for series like Big Hero Six, Secret Invasion, and the upcoming Cloak and Dagger! Emily, we salute you for all your hard work and one day we hope to see your work on the cover of a comic! Check out more of her artwork here!

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