Sailor Moon Impersonation in Goro’s Bar!

We came across this one this morning perusing one of our new favorite Japanese streaming media sites, Ameba Vision .

In Japan, variety shows are pretty much a staple of TV (compared to North America). One of these shows is Goro’s Bar , which is hosted by Goro Inagaki of popular boyband, SMAP! Goro plays a bartender who auditions different women to entertain his bar. Every week features different idols and celebrities in the audition roles and skits! In the episode which aired on February 8th of this year, popular J-pop idol Shoko Nakagawa appeared imitating Sailor Moon! WARNING: the video may or may not play despite our best efforts to embed this clip. If it does not work properly, CLICK HERE!

Fans may be surprised to know Shoko is a multitalented idol! Not only does she sing, but she is an actress and a voice actress/Seiyu, as well as a mangaka! She is most famous for being very interested in all kinds of cosplay (sometimes very mature “gravure” cosplay pictorials, we add) and purchases costumes on auctions… particularly ones from Sailor Moon! She also has a male black cat named Luna (after Luna from Sailor Moon) who she usually brings along to accompany her when she cosplays!

For fans wanting to know who that other idol is torturing herself on the stairclimber, that is Asami Abe , another multitalented idol. We’re not quite sure what she’s doing with this machine (is she trying to tone her arms?). In any case, something crazy like this nearly almost always happens in a Japanese variety show, and we encourage fans that have the chance to watch one over the internet to see this zany aspect of Japanese pop culture!

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