Sailor Moon Finds on eBay #5!

Here we come bringing you our most interesting finds on Ebay since the last update!

The Best (and Most Expensive) Items:

Super Hueg Kawaii Plushie Lot!
Sailor Moon Sceptre from Super S Series!
Sailor Moon Lockets!
Sailor Moon Handheld Video Game!
Luna-P Ball!
A resin set of all the Inners in Chibi Form!

Best Bargains:
Sailor Moon Oshibori Cloth for Bento!
A Sailor Moon figure from Italy!
A sticker album from Spain!
A Sailor Moon Backpack!
BESM lot featuring Sailor Moon
Some cards that probably came in a Morinaga food product with Sailor Moon emblazoned all over it!

Things that made us go O.o.:

If you can’t tell the difference between Sailor Moon and Bratz, then we really don’t know what to say!
Though it might have been cool to have a playset based on Episode 67, this might have been more believable if the fukus had Bows!
These flip flops are just tacky , licensed or not!
There’s just something odd about this watch!
This young Usagi model is cute but we don’t know if it’s real or not!
Which Sailor Senshi had a fish brooch?

Best of the Rest:

Set of two Sailor Moon bowls!
A rare Sailor Star Healer Keychain!
A Rare Sailor Moon Lunch Playset!
Used North American Sailor Moon CDs (including Full Moon Collection!
The cutest Sailor Senshi Magnet set we’ve ever seen!
A Sailor Moon Light-up Vanity Case from Irwin!
A Sailor Moon Bendable Figure!
A lot of 5 Mini Plushies!
A lot of Luna-P and Luna plush!
A lot of 8 Sailor Moon Mini Plushies!
A lot featuring some rare Sailor Moon glasses!
A rare Sailor Moon R plush – Princess Serenity!
An unopened package of Sailor Moon Trading Seals from Japan!
Some rare laser-cut metal cards from Japan!

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