Sailor Moon Director to Appear at Con And a Sprinkle of Sugar!

Hey Moonies! Two quick bits of news information!

Anime Expo 2007 will be held June 29-July 2 at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. TOEI Animation will be exhibiting there for the first time, and will feature two directors there! One is Konosuke Uda, who is Toei’s Special Industry Guest. He worked on a several episodes of Sailor Moon, and also was assistant director for the SuperS movie. His other credits include the current hit Lovely Complex, Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy, and the very popular One Piece! The second guest that TOEI will be hosting is Eisaku Inoue, who is the Convention’s Guest of Honor. Eisuke also worked on One Piece and Digimon. Some alarm bells are ringing in our heads when we see mention of Digimon and we wonder if TOEI may be presenting some of their Digimon toys at this convention? Sadly none of us can make it to this con, but if one of you will be attending we would love to feature you as a guest writer!

☼ We haven’t heard a whole lot from Stephanie Sugar Lyn Beard since she moved to Los Angeles. She has been posting the odd video here and there on youtube of such things as her Toronto Loft and her last day at YTV. A few weeks ago she posted this video of her and her magician friend Danny ZZZZ. Danny has performed in the US and Canada and he will be having a new show in 2008 and Stephanie will be in it . She may be his assistant , there hasn’t been a whole lot said about this show since this video has come out.

In the meantime, we also noticed from our initial story that the user had removed the clip of Stephanie’s groundbreaking appearance on the Red Green Show! Luckily, we were able to track down the episode and have provided that clip for you all to watch! Now there’s another thing to watch to help ease the wait of her return!

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