Sailor Moon Cutie Moon Rod Proplica


All cosplayers know the best thing to make any cosplay stand out is a cosplayers prop….or the cosplay itself. Anyways, hot off their release of the recent Season 1 Moon Stick Proplica comes the Cutie Moon Rod Proplica by Bandai from Sailor Moon R. It was previewed at the Tokyo Toy Show this past June and is seeing a release this October. The prop itself includes lights and sound effects including the “Moon Princess Halation” attack voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi herself who voices Sailor Moon. It also features for collectors out there a stand that’s shaped like the Moon Kingdom castle to proudly display it on your mantle along with your other anime or Sailor Moon goods. It’s even usable for all you Sailor Moon cosplayers out there for your next con or event. Currently its on preorder on Amazon for $100.00. Or on Jlist for $120.00

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