Sailor Moon Culture Bits in the News

There’s been a few stories this week with a few neat cultural mentions of Sailor Moon. The first comes from a blog on Progressive U about a girl who immigrated to the US from Vietnam, and she shares her experiences on trying to get the first Sailor Moon comic as a child. The second comes from a store in Victoria, BC who rents out Sailor Moon costumes? We’d love to see a picture of what these costumes look like so if anyone lives in the Victoria area and is planning on renting a Sailor Moon costume from this place, please let us know! The third is about cosplay but we learned of a new phrase, “Closet Moonie”. A fan of Sailor Moon who is unable to express their love for the show. We don’t think otaku should be ashamed of any anime that they like – are we going to have to organize some kind of “Moonie Pride” Day? And lastly, (and a special dedication to all my astronomy buddies out there) Japan’s Moon Probe Kaguya has begun it’s research survey of the Moon. It was formerly known as SELENE. Kaguya is named after a famous Moon Princess of Japanese Folklore, and there are shades of this tale in Sailor Moon. Moreover, Kaguya was used extensively as a theme in the S-Movie. It’s interesting that you can connect Sailor Moon to almost anything these days!

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