Sailor Moon Crystal: Announcements Coming April 27th!

If you haven’t seen the mentions on our Twitter feed or our Facebook page yet, there is a scheduled announcement relating to Sailor Moon Crystal on April 27th.

The first indication of the announcement was from the official 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Twitter account (thanks to Rina Love for the tip):

(I retweeted this status via @moonchaseblog)

Loosely translated, this tweet indicates that there will be a special live event on NicoNico Douga on April 27th which will include the announcement of the cast for the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series and an announcement of the new musical cast. There is also a link to a page on the 20th Anniversary site with more details about the event.


This article goes into more detail about who will be there and when you can tune in to the event. The five main cast members (5 sailor senshi) from the musical will make their first public appearance in costume. Also appearing will be Munehisa Sakai (director of Sailor Moon Crystal), Yuu Shiboku (producer of Sailor Moon Crystal), and Fumio Osano (the original editor of the manga storyline). The in-person audience is limited to 500 people. The airing on NicoNico Douga will be at 4pm in Japan (3am EDT for those of you who can’t sleep!). A free account with NicoNico will be required to watch the event, which you will be able to access via this link. Also via Twitter was this tweet from Atsutoshi Umezawa, producer:

This tweet confirms that we will be seeing more character designs from Sailor Moon Crystal, for the main characters.

Later on April 18th, Moon-Cookie also posted a link on our Facebook page about an article on another anime news blog, but we are aware that this site does not work reliably for everyone.

We hope that the details above are helpful to you, but you can also try some translation tools to take a closer look at the article and tweets yourselves if you do not know Japanese.

Stay tuned for news from the event! We are particularly interested in the anime news as we know fans have been waiting with bated breath for more news about Sailor Moon Crystal moving forward. Once we have confirmed details, we will definitely share the information with you!

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