Sailor Moon Cosplay – Just in Time for Halloween!

This video we’re about to show you made the news in Japan! Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American student studying at the University of Florida, and her makeup and costuming videos ranging from Snow White to Lady Gaga have made her an internet sensation! She just posted one a few days ago of her Sailor Moon cosplay and the Japanese article noted that it was absolutely perfect. They also made mention of her call to Naoko Takeuchi. “Naoko Takeuchi If you are watching or reading this, thank you so much for creating a hero for all of us girls to look up to. I dream of meeting you one day. I would probably cry because you are one of my biggest inspiration. Arigato!” We’re not going to say much more, but for all you die-hard cosplayers, this video speaks for itself! If any of our readers are dressing up like characters Sailor Moon, please send us pictures – we’d love to feature them!

3 Responses to “Sailor Moon Cosplay – Just in Time for Halloween!”

  1. esahC Says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is proably the most watched Sailor Moon video on Youtube.

    For a good reason of course.

    BTW, check out some of the comments on this. There's some really interesting ones if you swim around in there (I remember one comment jokily suggested putting on a Batman costume after seeing the video, or something like that).

  2. Lauren Says:


    I'm being Sailor Moon this year.

  3. Lauren Says:

    I tried the makeup last night.

    It looked really awesome! I didn't use a lot of eyeshadow, if any.

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