Sailor Moon Channel Adds Item Listings!

Hey Moonies – a new feature was added to the Moon Prism Box this week! In Usagi’s room, there is a jewelery box of sorts under the television and when you click it, it takes you to the second page (not the first O.o.) of Sailor Moon’s arsenal. There is (obviously) a first page, and another page featuring items used by the Inner Senshi. When you mouse over the items, a fact sheet shows up on the left about it and when they were used. Sadly, only one of Sailor Moon’s items are animated in the same style as the “mangamations” they feature. We have to wonder why there isn’t much love for the other items on the site! We’d love to see Sailor Mars’s Ofuda in action! It’s a bit hard to navigate for fans not fluent in Japanese, so we are providing a few screenshots to help (as always click the image for the larger version)!

Step One: Click here and open this link in a new tab or window.
Step Two: After the animation is over, click on Sailor Moon, or alternatively skip Step One and Click Here. Your cursor appears as the Crescent Moon Wand (sans Ginzuishou).
Step Three: Either Click where we have shown or go here !

Step Four: You will end up here, follow where we have marked!

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