Sailor Moon August Tidbits!

¤ Toms River Library will be holding it’s annual Bookfest on September 27th! This year’s theme is “Something’s Cooking at the Ocean County Library: The Bookfest with Literary Taste” and will feature authors whose works had something to do with food! For a list of authors attending, click here! The festival’s Kitchen Sensei will be serving a bunch of anime inspired snacks, including some that take after Sailor Moon. We’d love to know what they are, if any of you are attending please let us know what they served!

¤ Variety just posted an article outlining the History of Anime. They mention Sailor Moon as the highlight of 1995 : “Sailor Moon” airs in the U.S. Since much of the audience are young girls, it helps expand the image of anime from being a male-oriented media to something both sexes can enjoy. 1995 also saw Cosplay’s beginnings in North America! It’s a good article, but we’d have liked to have seen something about anime’s distribution. It’s one thing to talk about what titles were hot, but not the struggles that have had to been overcome when releasing anime to stores. Our Japanese readers can check out the story in their own language hereをクリックしてください!

¤ This NPR article talks about the rise of American Mangaka. We particularly liked the lines at the end : “It was inevitable that talented children would grow up and turn their beloved comic books and Saturday-morning cartoons into treasure — sweet revenge for all those times they were told to put Sailor Moon away and turn the television off. These kids aren’t just all right — they’re brilliant.”. Though, Sailor Moon has inspired lots of people in all walks of life, that’s why we’ve got our Special People reports!

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