Ron Rubin Appearing at Unplugged Expo!


Just announced today, Ron Rubin has been added to the guest list for this year’s Unplugged Expo in Toronto, which will be running Sept 26th-27th at the Chestnut Conference Centre.

With this announcement, fans can be sure to see both the original English language voice of Artemis as well as the new English language voice of Artemis (Johnny Yong Bosch).

Also appearing at Unplugged Expo will be Barbara Radecki, Sabrina Grdevich, and Roland Parliament.

I will also be giving a presentation on Sailor Moon merchandise and media, and you will be able to find me moderating the panels featuring the Sailor Moon voice talent.

Can’t make it out to Unplugged Expo? Submit questions online by September 24th and they could be asked live at Unplugged! You can submit questions by commenting on this post, commenting on our Facebook page, sending us a tweet, or emailing us.

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