Ron Rubin Announced as a Guest for the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration


In case you missed the announcement on the event page, Ron Rubin is confirmed as our next guest for the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration that I will be hosting at the Ontario Science Centre on Sunday, September 27th.

Ron is well known for his portrayal of Artemis the cat throughout the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon, including the original anime series and movies. Ron is one of the busiest animation actors around. His voice can be heard on countless anime shows and cartoon series including the Emmy Award winning Beetlejuice (Doom Buggy), Marvel Comic’s X-Men (Morph), Avengers (The Vision), Police Academy (Lt. Mahoney), C.O.P.S. (Dr. Badvibes), Bakugan (Stronk, Exostriker), Care Bear’s Big Wish Movie (Messy Bear), SideKick (Master XOX) and Stickin’ Around (Mr. Lederhosen) to name a few.

Events and activities at the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration will include:

  • Q&A session with Roland Parliament: ask your burning questions about what it was like to be the voice of the geeky Melvin, the experience of voice directing Sailor Moon, or even find out more about his book Sailor Moon Reflections
  • Q&A session with Ron Rubin: ask your questions about what it was like to be the voice of a talking cat and how being part of the anime series and movies from beginning to end influenced his view of Sailor Moon and the role of Artemis.
  • Autographs and photo ops with Ron Rubin and Roland Parliament
  • Sailor Moon merchandise: presentation on a selection of merchandise available in Japan and Canada, includes some real life merchandise that you can see up close!
  • Sailor Moon Classic versus Sailor Moon Crystal: open discussion of the two animes
  • Mythology and Sailor Moon: discussion of the influences of mythology in the story of Sailor Moon
  • Gender, Sociology and Sailor Moon: discussion of the aspects of gender, race, and socio-cultural significance of Sailor Moon (and Sailor Moon cosplaying) in North America
  • Sailor Moon singalong: It’s like a group karaoke! Sing along to various Sailor Moon songs, in English and Japanese. Lyrics will be on a screen so everyone can follow along.
  • Cosplay parade
  • And more!

Tickets for the Sailor Moon Celebration can be purchased online in advance for $12. Ticket prices will increase at the door to $15. Commemorative wristbands are an extra $2 each.

Hope to see you there!

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