Rina Koike Reprises Role in Upcoming Kamen Rider Movie!

On August 9th, the new Kamen Rider movie based on the Kamen Rider Kiva series was released. Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World features Rina Koike (Sailor Luna in PGSM) reprising her role as Shizuka Nomura. There was a press conference along with a concert in Tokyo on August 7th, and Rina attended as well as the rest of the cast. The conference also confirmed that many cast members from Kamen Rider Den-O would be making cameos in the film. The cutest part we read in this article had to do with the movie’s theme song chanteuse, Nanase Aikawa of the band Crimson-FANG. She has a 6-year-old son who over the lunch hour at school tells all the other kids proudly that his mom sings the theme song. He is a fan of Kamen Rider but an even bigger fan of his mother! A reporter asked Ms. Aikawa why her son wanted to see the movie to hear her song rather than to see the heroes, and she responded with a laugh saying “That’s always a good thing!” Hey, if any of our moms were popstars and singing the theme song to a movie, we wouldn’t care about the stars either! We don’t know much about this movie except that our heroes are facing Kamen Rider Arc, the alter ego of a Death Row inmate. He is aided by minions from the Legendorga and the Kamen Rider crew is in for the fight of their lives! We know we have a lot of Toku fans out there so if any of you happen to read more about the plot, please let us know!

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    los estados unidos ya es diferente, japon creo que seria mas diferente….
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