Rental Magica: Magic without magical girls

The fairly recently new anime series Rental Magica has a connection to Sailor Moon: The Animation Supervisor is Junichi Sato, Director of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon as well as the director of various other bits of the remainder of the series.

The show is about a group of magicians known as Astral. Lead by their president Itsuki Iba, who happens to be quite a coward. They’re trying to stay afloat as a company by bidding on jobs offered to the magical community as well as individuals seeking their services. Astral represents several branches of magic, from Honami who practices Celtic magic, to Mikan and Ren Nekoyashiki, practicing the Japanese arts of Shinto and Onmyoudou respectively. Though Itsuki has no training, because of an incident in his youth, his normally covered right eye has magical properties that he can unleash when he needs to, though at the cost of tending to collapse (at least) when the job is done.

After the first episode, the next three appear to be flashbacks, setting up the character relationships, though without any kind of warning given, this was a bit confusing at first. As a complete departure from magical girl style magic, this series is an interesting mix of International magical myths and is worth a look.

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