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We at Moon Chase! are still saddened to read about Miyuki Kanbe (3rd Sailor Moon in Sera Myu). Her story was truly a tragedy and when we read about her older works and how successful they were, we shed some tears, she was truly taken before her time. We came across an interview that she did in 2005, shortly after the release of Kamen Rider Hibiki in which she had a leading role as Hinaka Tachibana. She talks about how she achieved her dreams of being an actress, and working on Battle Royale II and Kamen Rider Hibiki. Full, and translated interview is posted after the jump. We’ll warn you that we had a little trouble trying to translate this, so if something doesn’t seem right, it was the best we could figure out. Miyuki’s death is still popular in Japan, as she is still number 1 in the internet searches.


Interviewer: Did you always aim to be in the Entertainment Industry?

Miyuki: When I was in my first year of Junior High School, I worked very hard to play on the Tennis Team so that in the future I could become a professional Tennis Player! It was a lot of hard work and it hurt. In my second year of Junior High School, I transferred into another school that didn’t have a tennis program. So I tried out for volleyball with the captain of the team for that very small school. It is a sport where you need good hand-eye coordination, but the players had already been chosen. I lost out, and soon I didn’t want to go to school anymore (laughs). I didn’t have any extra-curricular activities, I would leave my house and come back only to go to school. They consulted my mother and asked her why I wasn’t involved in any extra-curricular activities and if I was okay. I didn’t think of the entertainment industry at that time, but I got very depressed and I couldn’t stand it much longer. It was then that I started taking notice of audition notices.

Then your mother supported you?

That’s right! I auditioned for many companies and was rejected, but finally I passed one audition. I was very motivated in my acting and dancing lessons that I had received. I was not allowed to slack off because of my mother’s support! I was introduced to theatrical companies one day, and I thought “This is my opportunity”.

Do you remember your first job after you were signed?

It seems (we think she is trying to say everyone thinks) Sailor Moon was my first job, but in truth there was one before that. I sang songs for a lunch program, and there were ten other idols on that show with me. While I was on this show, I auditioned for the Sailor Moon musical and I won the leading role.

**We think she is talking about an old show called Yumeko hoshi Musume, something like Morning Musume where she was part of a large group of female singing idols.

Was it hard to believe that you were going to play the third Sailor Moon?

It didn’t seem real to me, I heard the message that I had won the part of Sailor Moon several days later, and it was first passed to my mother and father. I had read the part for my audition and I performed the role in my image. Of course, Anza Oyama and Fumina Hara had played the role before me, but I had never seen them on stage and it was left to my imagination to think about how to play the role. Trying to do this for the first time, I realized what an enormous task it was.

In 2003, Battle Royale II: Requiem was released in theaters. In February 2005, Special Battle Royale II was released on DVD in which some scenes that were shot after the movie’s release were included, do you think it was better?

I am glad that there were more scenes added to the fire!

Were you scared of the challenging stunts?

(Laughs) I said I hope there are no stunts. I fell, and there was fire all around me and I felt a kind of throbbing. This made me think that my foot had been burnt! When we were shooting, I was drizzled all over with a special gel coat so that if I was on fire it would not spread or burn me. This was a valuable experience I never thought I would have!

That scene is one of the highlights!

That’s right! When we shot again for this volume, I was surprised. When I previewed my scene for the first time, I was worried for the other actors health! I talked to the director Kenta afterwards, and he said he was sorry and laughed. This was so violent because everyone liked what they saw in the movie!

Also in 2005 you have been cast in Kamen Rider Hibiki as Hinaka Tachibana . Please tell us about yours!

Hibiki’s attack is very smooth. Other than that I can’t give you much more information about Hibiki or the supporting cast.

Do you have anything in common with your character?

It is hidden in my head! But you are smart! Hinaka is very sociable and friendly, even when she meets someone for the first time.

I see it, she is just like you and I was right!

She is a little bright. If I was a little more excited I might be like her!

What did you think of Kamen Rider when you were first offered the role?

I couldn’t turn down Kamen Rider. I think that series is very cool. The show was growing up but the children may find it hard to watch.

The protagonist Hibiki, drives the series. He is damaged by the enemy and his humanity comes out quite painfully, don’t you think?

His humanity is different from all of the other series. Up until now Kamen Rider would say “Shit! I will not be defeated!” With the heroes trying to be cool and always winning, the children have picked up on this pattern and yearn to win all the time. But wouldn’t you rather see them learn a more normal pattern like in Hibiki? We have to remember Kamen Rider fights for everyone, not just for the children. It gives adults more to think about.

What is Shigeki Hosokawa really like?

He is interesting! He is very gentle and always greets everyone in stage rehearsals , readings, and shootings. The studio is always cold, and there is a heater but it doesn’t suffice for everyone. And then you think about it being cold a lot and he always says thank you for helping us make a hit!

Broadcasts are still continuing, but what about where you shoot?

They are all great! Because there is too much around when we shoot and it is often overlooked. The show is only 30 minutes long , so please record it on video and pay attention!

On your blog from February 14th to March 15th, I noticed there was a cat and dog but you aren’t their owner right?

On February 20th, I met with one of my friends who I used to play with. So I took a few pictures of my friends dog. But that pet cat is mine!

Do you spend your holidays with the cat or alone?

I sleep a lot during my holidays. I come home dead tired, and I usually go right to bed, so much for lunch. When the cat came, she likes to cuddle up with me and we both fall asleep. Most holidays I end up sleeping.

What about those scratches on your hand?

On March 6th, I was lifting up my cat. She didn’t want to be lifted up and didn’t feel comfortable so she scratched me. After that, I clipped her nails.

You have released a photobook, and you have acted. What are your future challenges?

I want to make use of my voice and be a voice actor. I want to work in cartoons. I just got my own PC and I want to have my own official website with links to my office (agency) and pictures and diaries. I am still learning about how to do all of that.

What do you do in your off time?

I have a SHADOW 400cc motorcycle that I like to ride. When I have free time, I like to go tea drinking in Shibuya.

Finally, what would you like to say to the fans?

I play Hinaka Tachibana in Kamen Rider Hibiki, and she was a good person to play. Please support Hibiki as much as you have supported the other Kamen Rider series! Please watch us warmly because we all like to act in different things!

Rest in Peace, Miyuki-chan.

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  1. charmecia Says:

    i made a find a grave tribute to miyuki kanbe. im sorry to hear about that.

    r.i.p. miyuki

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