Quickie North American VA Appearances

We’ve got a couple quick VA appearances in the United States for fans to check out!

The Little Shop of Horrors Musical is running at Ann Arbor’s Performance Network Theatre until June 9th. It features none other than Queen Beryl herself, Naz Edwards as the star of the show, that gigantic plant named Audrey II. Fans can check out rehearsal footage on the Theatre’s site (Naz is in the first clip on the left, bopping along to the guy next to her). We wonder what Naz will look like in her plant costume? Fans in Michigan should definitely go watch this if they have the chance – we’d love to hear more about it!

Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard (Rini #2) is going to appear at next week’s Wizard World Con in Anaheim! Stephanie loves to meet her fans so if you are attending the con, say hello to her! And if you really want to find out what she’s up to, ask her about her latest movie – you may be surprised! As of this writing the schedule has not been released, but we think it’s a safe bet you’ll be able to find her in the Voice Actors Pavillion. In other Sugar news, we’re working together with her people to bring you fans something soon that should be fun. Another reason to hit this con? It looks like the original cast of the 1960’s Batman is going to be mostly all together at once. Adam West. Yvonne Craig. Burt Ward. AND the Batmobile. All with a good dose of Sugar. Anyone planning to attend?

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