Quickie Moon Chase Sightings, Upcoming VA Sighting, and Our Latest Project!

Best Early Third Anniversary Present Ever!

March 8th marks the third anniversary of Moon Chase, and we are always grateful to any other blogs and sites that think our stories are good enough to link to. We had been linked on Kotaku before, but this one was a complete surprise – one of our older stories from last summer got linked on a NSFW post about the new Kirsten Dunst video. Thanks to Brian Ashcraft for thinking of us last week when he posted this – the link set an all-new record high for daily hits on the site – 2646 hits in one day! Usually, normal is anywhere between 400-600 a day for this site. At first, we thought our hit counter was failing until we saw the referrer over and over and over again. Thanks again, Kotaku!

Canadians, Remember to Tune in Friday to Watch Tuxedo Mask!

Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask #2) will be making his debut this Friday on CTV’s The Bridge. As of this writing we still have no airdate for when this will premiere on NBC – but the previews of this down and dirty cop drama are all looking good. Check your local listing for airdates!

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  1. Fighter4luv Says:

    Question: How much time was there between recording Sailor Uranus for the films, and recording for the S series? Your voice was a lot lower in the series. Was this a director decision? Or was it just your creation of the character developing?

  2. Chrissy Says:

    Yay! Thanks SMC for helping translate! I finally saw Sarah Lafleur on Ugly Betty… About time too. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I hope this isn't "too touchy" of a question, but can you ask if she knew about Uranus and Neptune's relationship in the original version? Did the dubbers let her know about the change?

    Also, what was her favorite episode! 🙂

  4. Sailor Music Says:

    1. How much has your life changed after Sailor Moon?

    2. Did you ever watch Stars in Japanese to see more of your character?

    3. In episode 112, what was it like having to say "sAILor mOOn!" in a slow voice that changed pitches throughout the 2 words?

    4. Could you say "Uranus Crystal Power!" for us? So we can make english versions of fan made "Super" transformations of Sailor Uranus? ^_^

  5. KaitoMizuno Says:

    i already put my question in the Forum(moon-Chase)…

  6. Joshua Says:

    Hi Sarah, I just want to say you did an awesome job with Sailor Uranus. I think your voice was perfect for the character and you played her wonderfully. I could not imagine anyone else in the role of Amara now. You did a fantastic job and if/when Sailor Moon’s final season (Sailor Stars) ever gets dubbed I really hope you come back to your role of Sailor Uranus! 🙂

    Here are my questions:

    1.If Sailor Moon’s final season (Sailor Stars) were ever dubbed in English would you return to your role of Amara Tenoh/Sailor Uranus? **I really hope so!!**

    2.Can you tell us some of your best memories from recording Sailor Moon S and the two movies?

    3.How did you end up getting the role of Uranus on Sailor Moon?

    4.Had you ever heard of or watched Sailor Moon before being cast on the show?

    5.When you are dubbing an episode in the studio, are you there with all the other actors from the show, recording in the same area? Or do you usually dub your part by yourself without actually talking to any of the other performers? (I’ve always wondered how the dubbing of Sailor Moon took place. I’m curious to know if the performers actually interacted with each other or just recorded their parts solo.)

    6.Did you play any other characters on the show or in the movies besides Uranus?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and answer our questions! God Bless you 🙂

  7. ShinraiTenchi Says:

    What was your opinion of the english script?

    Were you aware of the various inconsistencies that existed in the English version that were not present in the Japanese version?

    Did you get paid decently for your work on the show despite the rather rushed production schedule?

    Did you ever contact/try to contact Megumi Ogata, the original voice actress for Haruka/Amara?

    I thought that your voice work in the series was very solid and suited the personality of Haruka very well 🙂

  8. esahC Says:

    Howdy Sarah! Always appreciated it when we learn behind the scenes stories from the actors themselves, especially with a show that barely has interesting anecdotes. Here's some of my questions…

    1. I noticed that you appeared on CSI: New York and Grey's Anatomy one time. Can you tell us on how you manged to appear in those specific episodes?

    2. Was there a specific way you performed Haruka/Amara, or any particular influences for the character?

    3. Other than CardCaptors, I noticed that you mostly do live action roles and barley any animated roles. Is this a conscience decision on your part?

    4. What exactly was the schedule and environment during your time on "Sailor Moon" like? I have heard that the dub of S went through a fast process to get it done…

    5. Any particular influences you had that got you into acting?

    6. Are the voice actors and actress still in touch with you, and do you act with them (Barbara Radecki for instance)…

    7. Any regrets?

    That should do it for me (I would ask "Ugly Betty" questions, but I haven't seen the show…yet). Although I personally thought the voice acting could of used some improvement, you did fine with the circumstances that you had. So, kudos Sarah. Keep it up! 🙂

  9. KaitoMizuno Says:

    i suppose yesterday was the last day to finish the questions for sarah…. but if the question is still on, i will glad to send more in the forum.

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