Quick Sailor Moon Industry Tidbits

☼ Geneon sent a letter to all the members of their fan club , Geneon Spot. A copy of the official statement is here at ANN. In it, Geneon thanked fans over the last 20 years for their support, and that they are internally looking at options to continue distribution of Geneon titles. The good news is that some titles will finish production, however it is unknown if they will ever be released. A shop owner we spoke to recently had noted to us that Geneon didn’t seem to have as many big titles as everyone else, but they did have a lot of hits for niche audiences. And it is those hits that are currently causing the freak-outs among Otaku, who are now going to great lengths to find them. We recommend checking out HMV stores if you are in Canada – we spotted a few Geneon titles going for the 2 for $20 or $30 deal in stores only. No word yet on what is going to happen to Geneon’s music division or their current television agreements.

☼ We have read several reports on the internet that there was no mention of the rumored Sailor Moon video game for the Nintendo Wii at the Tokyo Game Show by Namco. Yesasia.com is still maintaining that the release will happen so we will wait and see. We are going to try to see if we can find out something that makes this rumor’s validity a little concrete very soon. Though this one has remained on our backburner for a while now, we have not forgotten about it. There was a theory that since Yoshihiro Togashi had not put out anything new in a long time that the rumor might have been true as fans thought it was likely for Naoko to return to work. But given the news of the return of Hunter X Hunter, that theory doesn’t look very likely to happen. However, given the recent success of Toei’s AniBB service in Japan and a recent poll from Toei wondering what series they might like to see in North America, perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel as Sailor Moon was the top wanted series by a longshot. Toei would still have to work out an agreement with Naoko Takeuchi/PNP for international rights to distribution.

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