Quick News Roundup!

VA Nominated for a Gemini Award!

Breaking News from the Canadian Entertainment front! The 22nd Gemini Award Nominees were announced this morning and one lucky VA has been nominated! Maria Vacratsis (Negaforce) has been nominated as part of the cast of Showcase’s comedic hit, Rent-a-Goalie for the Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series Award. They face competition from such Canadian favorites like Corner Gas, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Comedy Inc., The Business and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. We would have also thought she’d be nominated for her well-played guest performance in Little Mosque on the Prairie. It will be around for another two seasons on Showcase in Canada and Season Two will start sometime soon! We wish Maria the best of luck on October 17th!

Sailor Moon Champions the Toei Polls!

I wanted to write a bit more about the poll when it first came out but due to time constraints I couldn’t. I was elated to read earlier today that Sailor Moon held an overwhelming majority in the poll with 2535 votes out of 3979! Toei has said that these will probably be the Japanese episodes with English subtitles, but we think quite a few fans are hoping that the English Dub will be a part of this service. Fans on the boards also expressed some interest in DVDs more than the On Demand service. In many fans’ opinions (including some of our staff members) the dub still holds a place in their hearts and as I have mentioned many times before, Canada barely got a chance to own the dub on DVD as many stores didn’t carry the ADV DVDs of the first two seasons. The dub also had better background music than the originals for transformations etc. and we are sure many fans would love the chance to see this again. What is interesting is that it appears that Toei would like to release Sailor Stars under this new On Demand service, as the poll did not indicate that this particular season would be left out. Obviously that will get a fresh first translation, and we have to wonder if the others will be retranslated as well, and if episode 67 will finally make it’s way to North America! Thank you to all the fans who voted in this poll to make their voices heard to Toei!

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