Quick Ebay Finds!

Hey Moonies- this week has been particularly hard for Sailordees as not one, but two computers broke (when it rains, it pours)! But the good news is I have fixed my “Plan C” Computer to be somewhat up to par with one of them! So I will be bringing you a short eBay update today and a few commercials within the next couple days. We still are working to resolve the issues with the cut links appearing where they shouldn’t be.

But for now though, here are nine notable items!

Sailor Moon Stars Coasters!
Eternal Sailor Moon Toothbrush!
Rare Kodansha Usagi and Chibi-Usa Plush Set!
Sailor Moon Perfume Bottles!
Sailor Senshi Glass Mug!
Sailor Moon handkerchief from Nakayoshi Magazine!
An older Sailor Moon T-shirt that is good as new!
Sailor Moon Puzzles lot!

And the Big Kahuna of them all…
A Jun-Jun Doll!

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