Que SeraMun SeraMun… Whatever Will Be, Will Be…

The future isn’t there to see just yet, Moonies. For those of you who have not heard via other fans on Twitter, Facebook, and other forums, FUNImation’s panel at Anime Expo 2011 on Friday night began with a “Cosmic Moon Power” (possibly from an AX staff member), and then there was no mention of a license for Sailor Moon. We can’t say we at the blog are surprised by this (because as usual, we saw it coming). For those of you still wondering why it is taking so long, a deal at a much higher parental level than FUNImation or any other company acquiring the license has to take place first. And so far, that deal hasn’t quite come to fruition yet. It’s a waiting game as always, so please be patient. The Sailor Moon anime will come when the time is right. Rest assured, everyone knows how much the fans all want the series, and given how (almost) smoothly the revival has gone in other parts of the world, it will be well worth the wait for everyone involved to plan the best possible strategy for Sailor Moon in North America. Hang tight, Moonies!

A very special thank you to Sailor Astera for creating this comic and giving us permission to use it to accompany this article!

And FUNImation? Do us all a favor and actually tease fans about a title you have rights to. How about starting a panel with Kamehameha next time?

5 Responses to “Que SeraMun SeraMun… Whatever Will Be, Will Be…”

  1. Chris Says:

    Not to try to burst peoples' bubbles, but my hypothesis to this scenario is that based on how long this is taking, I have a feeling that maybe they (as in whichever the higher parental grounds are) are waiting for the actual 20th anniversary year to bring the anime to NA.

    But I don't know for sure. This is only my estimated guess…

  2. ochibawolf Says:

    In response to Chris, I suppose that would be cool to release SM back in America with 20th anniversary boxsets!

  3. Adam Says:

    @ Chris: waiting until the 20th anniversery would make sense but something tells me that this isn't the case but I do admit that it would be cool though if they were to do something like that for the
    20th anniversery only time will tell

  4. Kaptin_Kawaii Says:

    Or maybe they're wating for the re-launch of the manga…? anyways atleast it doesn't sound like we'll have to wait 10 or 5 years (again?), only 2 at most, i think. With the manga in TWO MONTHS, the anime and possibly everything else can't be far behind. 😀

  5. Is Sailor Moon poised for a comeback? | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment Says:

    […] the MIPTV market in Cannes last year. Perhaps someone bit, either there or elsewhere. The fansite Moon Chase reports (from an anonymous source) that there is another deal that has to be finalized at a higher […]

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