Pretty Cure set for broadcast in the UK

Pretty Cure, which is currently the biggest shoujo anime series in Japan, has finally landed a broadcast spot in the UK. Starting next Monday, the Sky Digital Satellite channels Pop Girl and Pop Girl + 1 will begin airing dubbed episodes of the popular anime series. The UK now joins Australia and New Zealand as places that will now broadcast Pretty Cure on television. Given that Pretty Cure is currently expanding its English fan base (Canadian fans have also been lucky recipients of the show), fans in the United States will have to keep their fingers crossed that Cartoon Network will finally pick up the show.

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  1. Nana Says:

    Cartoon Network NEEDS to put this show on.ive been wanting to see it since i heard of it in 2006-this could boost their ratings up!But NOOO they wanna be stupid and not show anime anymore >,< seriously!They should show anime again,that could help their ratings bigtime!And they better show Sailor moon when it gets dubbed because i dont have nicktoons!…end of rant XD

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