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Hey everyone – I’m still trying to get my laptop back up to speed (I’m almost there, just a few programs left to go!) but I’m trying to juggle a new semester and now this horrid cold which took my voice away today. Hopefully this weekend I will have energy again! Anyway, Flashpoint is coming back to both networks in it’s original timeslot, and I caught a trailer for the episode this morning during the news. This one takes place in a courthouse and there’s a hostage situation. A wrongfully convicted man fears his name may never be cleared. There’s a couple cases in Canada that deal with almost the same sort of wrongful convictions that came up in my mind and the episode may be partially based on them. One is the sad story of David Milgaard, and the other is of Steven Truscott. It’s very important (especially for all of you in the United States) to watch this show from now until the end. If you can’t watch the show but are recording it, try to watch it on the same day. Readers of this site need to do their best to keep up the ratings of the show until CBS makes an announcement about the new season. Check your local listings and/or CBS and CTV for more information!

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