Pictures Galore!

Just a short post with lots of pretty pictures for you all to look at! has posted an image of a poster hanging outside the building where the Backstage Licensing meeting happened last week. This is a great image – and this also marks the debut of Tuxedo Mask in a promotional image in Italy (but where are Luna and Artemis?).

Many Japanese online websites have just released images of the covers of the new CDs ( and Neowing/CD Japan). It looks like they will be exactly the same as they were before. These are still not listed on Columbia’s official website (or Toei’s for that matter), however we did find a news article in Chinese that seems to announce this re-release. There is nothing new on this in the article, but it still seems a little off that there hasn’t been a whisper about this release in the Japanese news.

We’ll have a very special update on Toei’s recent dealings coming up on Monday – you may be surprised to read some of the things we have dug up!

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