Phase 3 Survey Goal Finally Reached!

So last night, The Me and I were all comiserating about how we only got a couple new surveys in 24 hours, and we were only 2 away from our goal of 200. This morning, we got a nice surprise – by some miracle we got 5 more surveys which brings us to a total of 203! YAY! So, this means that we now have to set a deadline. Moonies, you now have until Midnight PST on Sunday, September 27th to get your surveys in for Phase 3. We can tell you that the results so far have been interesting. We can’t really drop any more hints than that. One comment we will add though is that many of you suggested merchandise that will obviously be too big for a DVD shelf! But we won’t delete them. We have decided to add another suggestions category for other merchandise for Toei (or whatever company gets the rights) to consider making available in North America (and to seek an appropriate manufacturer for this licensed merchandise). So for future survey takers, suggest whatever you want for that question and we will sort them out. And for those of you asking about the Waffle Iron, that was pretty much a gag suggested by Starcat, our resident Sanrio fan who enjoys hearing about obscure but awesome, Hello Kitty products. I do like the toast press idea another fan suggested! Unfortunately, we did not know that there wasn’t going to be a Blu-Ray release of the series in Japan, so it looks unlikely that it will be a possibility in North America. Rest assured, we will still forward the votes for that option to the companies – it can’t hurt!

The new target for sending these out will be the second week of October, and as soon as we get delivery confirmation, we will post the results online. We will be sending the results from both surveys together – and congratulations fans, we now have over 1000 surveys worth in results to show them! We are very proud and thankful to every fan who gave the surveys a chance despite rude and negative comments other websites have been posting. We all really have to try to go that extra mile to make sure things will be done right if the series comes back!

Oh yeah, and there will be no more surveys (aside from the occasional poll on our sidebar for opinions on site improvements)! Phase 4 will be a letter writing campaign in Japanese, and as soon as we are done with this report we’ll start planning this. Again, no knowledge of Japanese will be required, and where possible, we will provide you with free contact addresses through our forums (email) as well as snail mail for those who prefer that (but be prepared to pay a little extra to send it).

7 Responses to “Phase 3 Survey Goal Finally Reached!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Yea ^_^

    Will there be another survey?

  2. sailordees Says:

    No there won't be any more surveys – everything from now on will be letter-writing campaigns! Unless some other thing comes up where we need masses of fan opinions on several things (which we hope there won't be).

  3. esahC Says:

    Well, in that case, my work here is done (unless I change my mind).

    Good luck to the people who are doing phase four!

  4. sailordees Says:

    esahC we will be posting template letters with blanks for fans to fill in, all in Japanese so all a fan has to do is copy and paste (and do about 10 min of research on wikipedia).

    We are trying to make everything as easy as possible!

  5. esahC Says:

    Note that I said "unless I change my mind"…

  6. Lucky Says:

    Well, I have always wanted to write in Japanese, so it sounds fun. Maybe those in Japan will be impressed that other countries are doing this. I'm sure several petitions in Japan wanted to bring Sailor Moon back, but don't have has much impact.

    Are these letters online (somehow)? Or do we have to print+ write it?

  7. sailordees Says:

    This part of the campaign won't start till we have sent off the results for the last two so probably 2nd week of Octoberish at the earliest. They aren't up yet! How it will work is that we will post short letters in Japanese, with their translations in English, and fans can pick which ones they want to send. We will post the addresses on our forums to prevent spam just like the other letter writing campaign. We will give fans the option for using e-mail or snail mail, so we'll leave that up to you!

    Don't worry, we'll give everyone directions on Japanese text support in case they can't read it on their machine. The only thing you will have to look up on Wikipedia will be your country, and the characters for spelling your name. We will have lots of help for people who don't know how to spell things in Japanese!

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