Our Technical Woes Are Over!

Hi Moonies, we have fixed the links! So hopefully the ones for our older readers only are the only ones that are displaying the link that says Click Here To Read If You’re Ready! Now, given Blogger’s API and sometimes not loading all of our scripts when you, the reader, loads this page (and we still don’t know why Blogger does this), here’s what to look for. If we warn users, or you see the “For Older Readers Only” tag, and you don’t see a link that takes you to the post, refresh the page. If this does not work, click the Permalink at the bottom (on this blog, you just click the time posted at the bottom of the entry) and it should take you to the post’s page.

Special thanks to The Me for all his hard work on making this page run! We really sincerely appreciate all the hard work you do in helping to keep this blogsite running!

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