Otakon 2010: Sailor Moon Cosplay Gallery

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hit the convention floor with the intent to photograph some Sailor Moon cosplay: how many SM cosplayers would I see? Would the costumes be any good? Or would any and all Sailor Moon cosplayers be drowned in a sea of Vocaloids?

As it turned out, there were many Sailor Moon cosplayers, some of the costumes were great, and absolutely everyone was drowned in a sea of Vocaloids, cosplayers and all. I swear, Hatsune Miku may be a great character, but if I never see her again…that would mean never looking at anime PVC figures again. Never mind.

The images here are by no means representative of all the Sailor Moon cosplayers at Otakon, just a small group I was fortunate enough to encounter who had a moment to pose for me. With the near-30,000 attendees at Otakon, it’s obviously impossible to see everyone and everything, but at the very least, a good portion of the SM universe is represented in this sampling. It pains me that there may have been a great Tuxedo Mask or Super Sailor Moon cosplayer that I just never encountered, but there’s always next year. For the record, I did see an adorable little girl dressed as Princess Chibiusa who ran out of the panel I was attending with her parents before I had a chance to ask for permission to take her picture. Wherever you are out there, cool parents, I salute you.

Here’s a nice Black Lady, spotted at the World of Sailor Moon Panel.

A lovely Princess ChibiMoon! Personally, I think those Serenity-styled dresses are some of the classiest cosplay you can do for any series. It’s just such a classic look, and practically every woman looks good in it.

This Eternal Sailor Moon had an impressive wing span. I was really pleasently surprised to see multiple forms of Sailor Moon, instead of just the standard red-white-and-blue version.

A nice group of Inner Senshi. I can only assume that Jupiter was of cooking/beating someone up/blushing at a guy/etc.

SM cosplay would not be complete without at least one dude dressing as Sailor Moon: Thanks for taking one for the team there, my friend.

An excellent version of Neo Queen Serenity.

Well, it’s true that Sailor ChibiMoon does get taller in her Senshi form…credit for this picture goes to my friend Jake from Japanator, I wasn’t fortunate enough to run into these ladies, but he did!

A very interesting trio….

Sailor Uranus was spotted in Artist Alley- presumably looking for Michiru. Come to think of it, that’s exactly where I’d look for her.

Finally, a picture-perfect Usagi! Seeing cosplay like this just makes me a happy girl. I complemented her on how she pulled off Usagi’s hairstyle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of these costumes- I know I’m psyched to play more of my favorite “Spot the Sailor Moon Cosplayer and Harass Them for a Picture” game at NYAF this fall; it’s fun for the whole family, or at least MY family.

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  1. Senshi Says:

    I was dressed as Sailor Jupiter at Otakon. There was 2 Sailor Moon photoshoots that took place that had more Sailor Moon cosplayers. You should check out Cosplay.com the fans there schedule photoshoot events for different cons to gather up the cosplays.

    I'll be also attending NYAF, I hope to see you there! ^^

  2. KarenLeslie Says:

    Yeah, this was my first time on cosplay watch, so I didn't know the ins- and – outs. Thanks for letting me know, I 'll definitly check out cosplay.com for NYAF:)

    Sorry I didn't get a pic of you for the gallery- next time, MORE SENSHI!!!!

  3. mooniefan2000 Says:

    Wow those are some good cosplayers.

  4. Sailor Moon Collection Says:

    Wow!!! Congratulations!! So wonderful pictures!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I was the usagi cosplayer with luna on my head XD I also brought my black lady and serenity to otakon. Thank you for the photo and kind comments.

    My home page is http://nsomniacartist.deviantart.com

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