Operation Moonrise: We Need Your Comments On The Manga!

Hi Moonies! So, I am currently looking over the reports I sent to FUNImation and Toei, and I want to include a section of short comments from the fans in the report that is going to Kodansha (there will be a writing campaign to Kodansha soon). However, there are not very many , and I would like to send a few pages more in the report. We need your help! Please send us your comments (no more than two paragraphs, please!) either via comments on this post, to our email (moonchasers@NOSPAMPLEASEKTHXWITHAMARASCHINOCHERRYONTOPgmail.com), or in our forums. It can be anything from short sentences saying that you want the manga, to what you want to see included with the manga. For example, some manga nowadays come with small paper goods as extras such as stickers, tags, and postcards, and if you would like to see these, please include them in your comments. We will NOT be sending Kodansha the results of the question we asked about merchandise since Kodansha deals exclusively with books. The PGSM manga came with stickers in every first-press issue, and if you liked those, please say so! The old Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga had anecdotes from Naoko that were not included in the PGSM manga. Would you fans like to see this part of the old work included in an English release? Which covers did you like better, the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon covers or the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon covers? Those are all the ideas that we can think of for now, but you are not limited to discuss only what we have suggested here! Also, if you have read any of Kodansha America’s recent releases from Random House (Ghost in the Shell or Akira) or any of their past releases through Del Rey, and you have any thoughts about those, you could write about those too! Please, do not make comments about the anime. Kodansha has no rights or facilities to release anime in Japan or North America. The deadline to get your comments in about the manga will be January 23rd at Midnight PST, and I have set a target for the end of the month to send out this report. Hopefully by then the comments will be the only thing I have to put together so it shouldn’t take me too long after.

Thanks to all our readers for your continued support of the campaign! As far as the campaign for the anime goes, we’re going to wait and see how negotiations between FUNImation and Toei pan out before we plan and launch a Japanese writing campaign. At this point in time, if the fans can continue to participate in our English letter writing campaign (especially to Toei’s LA office), it is probably enough for now. FUNImation is well aware of the fans’ demand of the series, but Toei probably needs to really be convinced not to let this series sit on the backburner behind others.

On a side note, with regards to Pretty Cure, we suggest both American and Canadian fans to write to Toei as well. Americans, if you have not seen the dub of this show and you are a fan of it, please tell Toei how much you want to see this on TV. This is one of the best dubs that we have seen and barely anything was cut out! Canadians, if you enjoyed the show, tell Toei you want it back (and YTV too). Also, fans in both countries that are interested in a DVD release should also voice their opinions to Toei. On our forums, we have slightly altered our contact information in light of new information. So for the relevant addresses, please visit the thread here and send your letters! In my last conversation with a representative at Toei, I was told that not all hope was lost for this series, but the situation still seems pretty rocky given other hints. This is why we are asking all of you to write to them about Pretty Cure if you want it!

27 Responses to “Operation Moonrise: We Need Your Comments On The Manga!”

  1. esahC Says:

    Some comments on the manga eh? Sure, here's some things I would like to see (and it's not a quick read)…

    First off, let's get the common stuff out of the way. I want to see the original Japanese names, reading right to lift and whatnot. If it's a manga, I hope to see it like a manga.

    Second, remember the Naoko's notes? I would like to see those again. In fact, if she wants, I would like to see new notes from Naoko, like looking back at the experience, her thoughts on the chapters, stuff like that. I would prefer to see this idea before or after the "book", but you're the publisher, I'm the customer.

    Also, I would REALLY like to see behind the scenes pages scattered around the books. Remember on how the hardcover version of Watchmen did it? I would like to see something like that.

    In fact, speaking of which, here's an idea. Why not make a softcover edition and a hardcover edition? That'll be a interesting experiment. And while we're at wishful thinking, how about an audio book? I'm sure there's an audience for that.

    And as for covers, I say republish the original cover, but put the revisited cover somewhere in the book so it won't go to waste. Like, let's say character summations, or something like that.

    That should do it for me. The rest is all up to you. Just keep it faithful, publish it, and you'll have yourself a faithful customer.


  2. sailordees Says:

    Thanks guys – Keep them coming! We got two in our inbox this morning. I want to have at least 5 pages to send Kodansha!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to see the manga with NO different names, and some stickers of the characters included. And a translation of the artbooks! And maybe, in one artbook, there could be a figure.

  4. ヘザー Says:

    The American release was so bad! the names kept changing, it was all so inconsistent. Despite that I do have a few of them, I have 5 of the original Japanese Manga, and almost all of the new prints (OMG I loooove the stickers they came with too!!!)

    If they were to release English translations of the manga and the artbooks!! I would buy them immediately!

    Manga sells like hot cakes at borders and such, what's keeping them from releasing them!? I always check for Sailor Moon manga at stores anyway (I'm hopeful like that.)

  5. ShinraiTenchi Says:

    Ah, I didn't even think of the artbooks! I would love to see a North American release of those :3

  6. Lucky Says:

    I guess maybe no mirror imaging. I understand that this isn't the norm in North America because we read left to right instead of right to left, so this isn't necessary. However, most of the time, the characters where left handed instead of right, or their arm poses didn't match the Japanese version. (And in Stars, Usagi's proposal ring was supposed to be on her left hand, not her right). Nitpicky, I know, but it is rare to see so many left handed people lol.

    Perhaps also use the re-print manga from 2004-ish that had slightly better drawings and more details on certain things (ex: Sailor Jupiter's rose belt).

    Maybe include different releases? Like one release is by volume, then another is by arc (Classic, R, S, SS and Stars). I would love this if it meant buying more for less (kinda like DVDs).

    And lastly, if you could release the side stories(ex: Parallel Sailor Moon, Princess Kaguya (?))
    that would be awesome.

    Thank you and I hope Sailor Moon will become a release by you in the near future.

  7. Ginger Says:

    I adore the Sailor Moon manga, I hope this helps!

    I liked how they had extra notes by Naoko. Maybe folded posters, that would be nice. Stickers would be nice too. I would like to see the original Japanese names, such as Usagi, or Chibiusa. Because there were so many name mistakes (Ex.: In the first chapter of the SuperS book, there is a picture of Mina, yet down below there is text that says 'Minako's Great Idea!'.) it looked very bad. It also looks cooler to keep the original names.
    Another cool thing is to offer a code in the book, then you can get a free wallpaper, song, ect. related to Sailor Moon.

    I would enjoy to see the manga again, it would make me very happy, and alot of other people. I would prefer the original covers as well, but would be happy as well with the newer covers. Thanks, and I hope to see Sailor Moon back on the manga racks 🙂

  8. sailor spartan Says:

    The manga for sailor moon should be have the original Japanese names and should be read from right to left, I hope to see it like a manga.

    Also remember about the Naoko's notes and if she wants, I like to see new notes from Naoko. I would also like to see behind the scenes pages scatter through out the books.

    Here is an idea. How about making a softcover edition and a hardcover edition and a hologragh edition? Why not an audio book . I'm sure there's an audience for that. I will buy the mangas of the series.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'd also like the stickers, the PGSM covers and Naoko's notes.

  10. ochibawolf Says:

    I would like the english adaptation of the manga to keep the original names, attacks, and story line. Minimal changes. Also, I really enjoyed the new PGSM images with the first press stickers. Would be great to see an exact replica in english of that release. We really need to see BSSM in a new light here in America. We can handle RAW and UNCUT.

    – Brooke

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I am so glad that you mentioned this. I have been going to this site everyday for months now searching for info about the English manga release of Sailor Moon.
    First of all I would like to see the Japanese names(Usagi,Ami,Rei,Makoto etc.0 and the original nicknames( Usako, Mamochan.)and the PGSM reprint of the manga.

    Second I would like to see the reprint cover but don't get rid of the original, but in the back of the manga as an art addition.

    Third, stickers and that stuff are fine, but I wouldn't not buy it if it didn't have stickers.

    Finally I would like to read right to left. No mirroring please.

    I have waited so long for a release of the republished manga in North America, so thank you for bringing this up. I don't care if some of my wants are ignored, if it came out again I would definitely but it. Once again THANK YOU.

  12. Christina Says:

    The Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga has been, and will always be, my favorite manga. I collected all of the original English language releases but I want to buy new copies for a number of reasons. First of all, the number of grammatical mistakes in the older publications is frightening. Secondly, the print quality leaves something to be desired. Thirdly, the bindings were very flimsy. I read each of them many times, but even at the second or third reading the pages were falling out. If the manga could be published in hardcover it would be even better.

    And finally, it would be lovely to see the art pages published in full color like in the Japanese re-release of the manga.

    If anyone could publish the Sailor Moon manga artbooks in English I would buy all of them on the spot. Naoko Takeuchi's artwork is so beautiful.

  13. luna Says:

    I would love to see the manga with all the original names and attacks as well as unflipped. Also maybe a collector's edition of the manga as well as a regular one with the collector's edition featuring the stickers and folders and maybe even having a sailor moon trading card in it.

  14. Calvin Says:

    I would love to see/re-buy the graphic novels in an updated condition, provided they are properly presented.

    First, all original Japanese names should be mandatory. (Her name is Usagi!) Also, keep sound effects in their katakana symbol format instead of silly English translations.
    Second, reading right to left, and with all colour pages actually printed in colour. (Such as the artwork title pages for each chapter.)
    Also, the books should be in larger scale, preferably 7.5"x5". (The Tokyopop books tended to have accidental cropping, and the small 4.5"x6.75" scale made many images too tiny.)

    I think it is important to keep the original covers on the outside, but to have the PGSM covers also printed within the books. (Perhaps on the flipside of the front cover or as the book's title page.)
    I would love to do without Naoko's notes – they are silly and distracting.
    However, one thing I liked about the PGSM versions was the amalgamation of the side stories into their own volumes.

    Stickers, book marks, etc. as extras would be cute, but not necessary. But I would LOVE some fold-out posters!

    I think it would be amazing (and certainly lucrative) to issue the artbooks for North American release (hard or soft cover).
    Also, give us Sailor V!

  15. sailordees Says:

    **Everything Up Until This Point Has Been Added to Report**

  16. SenshiChan Says:

    I do really think we need a re-translation of the manga. It was horribly done with the constant name changes and the Stars season was so complicated to read.

    I really enjoy the old Sailor Moon covers, but if we are getting a re-translation, they should use the new covers, so people can tell the difference between the two version. I'm starting to get used to reading right to left, and I'm sure most fans do too, so they shouldn't flip the images.

    I think they should keep all of Naoko's notes, the special items like stickers in the books is a pretty cool idea. I would love them to translate the artbooks. Make a new set of artbooks or a great information book like the Resource RPG book that was made years ago.

    I would buy the re-translations, even though I have the old english manga along with the new japanese ones too.

  17. Lauren Says:

    Ok… here goes!

    First, I want the original names. If I ever needed to compare something to the manga from the anime, I always am confusing myself with names.

    Second, put Naoko's comments back in.

    And lastly, just really try to make an exact copy of the Japanese version with English words. That's all I'm asking. Come on, you can do it.

  18. Sasumiofjp Says:

    First i would be very greatful if sailormoon maanga was reprinted and it would also be good for you because a lot of people miss sailor moon and would pay money to get reprints
    Second:KEEP EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in the manga covers i remember one cover was edited and it made me kinda pissed

    AND THIRD:KEEP JAPANESE NAMES.You dont know how much it kills me to see buns and darien instead of Usako and Mamo-chan.And i hate Makoto's english name…Lita.Really.I know it has something to do with jupiter i dont care keep it.Also i know rini stands for serena but that sounds stupid i would slap myself in the face if i called a kid rini,just saying this is how it should be:Usagi Mamoru,Oh and another thing.were the Hell did you get darien SHEILDS from,That makes no since.And you know whats funny.You can keep Hotaru'chans name right(Not Pernociation.cant spell) front and last name but everyone else has there right lasr name but Mamorou-san gets Freggin SHEILDS.come on.but i have to say you out didthe American Anime by FAR.oh,HARUKA AND MICHIRU ARE NOT COUSINS.All this lesbians Bi-Sexuals and Homosexuals in the world and you bastards are gonna make them COUSINS.Thats all i have to say for that.But please re-print


  19. Jumpyham Says:

    Hi! I'm a long-time reader, and this is my first comment. Be prepared!

    1. Original right-to-left format. No flipping, and while we're on the subject, I'd prefer the sound FX to be left alone in their original Japanese format.

    2. Original names. I don't wanna read a story about Bunny Tsukino and Rini and all of their sailor scout friends. All original terms, too.

    3. Color? I'd love to see the splash pages in color. That would make things SO MUCH better.

    4. The relationships left alone.

    5. Original notes, plus new notes.

    6. Seperate books for the side stories, with a mention in the manga books that they corrospond with.

    7. Hard cover! I'm a hardcore otaku, so if we ever see the release, I'll gladly buy them, and they will go through a lot in my house (2 siblings, yes! And it'll probably be loaned to friends, too!) ^^

    8. The art books! Maybe with some updated notes, too, so that we can see what Takeuchi-San's thoughts are years later. ^^

    9. Extras in each volume (Posters or something? Or maybe an interview with someone who did a lot for the series, like the producers or voice actresses/actors?)

    10. I've wondered if a reversable cover would be possible, but it really wouldn't, so somehow using both the original art and the reprint covers, that would be awesome!

    Kodansha, if you read this, please know that Sailor Moon is still a cultural icon around the globe-INCLUDING America! We've put up with the crappy translated MIXX version of Sailor Moon too long, we'll wait patiently until we get a better translation edition!

    ~JumpyHam, Fellow Moonie

  20. Callie Says:

    Here's how I want the re-released manga to turn out:

    #1: Right-to-left (i.e., Tokyopop's adaptation of Magic Knights Rayearth)
    #2: Keep the original names (i.e., Yu-Gi-Oh!)
    #3: Have it rated appropriate enough for all readers regardless of content, either all ages and/or Teen (because Naoko-sama would never do hentai)
    #4: Include the bonus stories (i.e., Chibi-Usa's Picture Diaries, Snow Princess Kaguya, etc.) in all 18 volumes

  21. sailordees Says:

    **Everything Up Until This Point Has Been Added**

    Oh yeah, and so have all emails up to this point! Thanks fans – there are still a few hours left!

  22. Carol Says:

    I would like to see the manga with the original Japanese names, its original storyline, and its original right-to-left manga format.

    It would be great to see Naoko Takeuchi's notes in there, too, as well as some behind-the-scenes/never-before-seen/bonus stuff about the series.

    & I think using the original covers would be better than the revisited ones, though the latter could be used, as previously stated, somewhere inside the manga.

    Basically, to try and have everything as close to the original as possible, only in English, 'cause that's what we're fans of- the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon!

  23. Brit-chan Says:

    I would love to have the rerelease of the PGSM manga in japan to be translated and released in the U.S. I was very sad when they went out of print and I was unable to finish my collection. I would buy EVERY SINGLE volume that gets released!

    Things I'd like to see:
    -better translation than the original Smile/Mixx/TokyoPop one preferably with the original Japanese names. I kinda half liked the literal translation of "Bunny" for "Usagi", but i'm only "half" liking it.
    -I love the Naoko notes! And the extras and stuff she talks about. If she has anything new from the new releases, i'd love to see that too!
    -I'd love to see something extra come with them like stickers, etc. That'd be awesome.

    Anyway, I'd be happy with just a translation of the rerelease. That would probably make me the happiest PGSM fan EVER!

  24. sailordees Says:

    Everything up until this point has been added

    (these marks are in so I know where I left off, for those of you wondering!)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I'd really like to see the anniversary edition of the manga get released here, along with the artbooks. I appreciate what Tokyopop did to get the manga noticed but I absolutely hated the format they used to release it and the flipped pages.

  26. Panda Says:

    If the manga was rereleased, I would like to see an accurate translation. Original Japanese names (including honorifics), right-to-left format and CONSISTANCY. No Americanization at all, basically.

    I honestly prefer the PGSM reprint covers over the originals; if it's rereleased, I think it would make way more sense to publish that version. As for Naoko's notes, I don't care very much either way. ^^;;; Color pages included in the volumes would be nice as well.

    I also think it would be really cool if they were released in omnibus editions. While they're at it, an official English version of Codename wa Sailor V would be great too! 😀

  27. sailordees Says:

    Unfortunately, I have had other things in my life come up that have been keeping me from getting this thing finished (it's 95% done)! I'll add your comment to the report this weekend, Panda!

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