Operation Moonrise Results Posted!

Hey everyone – we have finally finished formatting the results and excerpts of the report for you all to see and read. They are being hosted by Save Our Sailors (since Blogger doesn’t give us much page space), and we will link to the page at the bottom of this post. At this time, we want to thank Save Our Sailors for hosting these results – it means a lot to everyone on staff and we cannot thank you enough! There is one question missing – and that is the only question we could ask about the manga. This is deliberate because in January, a much shorter version of the report will be sent to Kodansha’s USA Office. They just opened up shop and it would be unfair to send it while they are still settling into the North American marketplace.


If you feature these results on your site, don’t pass them off as your site’s own. We put a lot of work into this, and we will go after your host if you did not give us proper credit (which includes, a link to this blogspot post, a reference that this was put together by Moon Chase and not simply just a link to the results). In the past, we have noticed some sites copying the text of our posts and pasting them on their own site, passing off our work as their own. We have a copyright policy in place through Creative Commons, and we are going to be strictly watching out for this. You are more than welcome to discuss these results on your own blogs, sites, and/or forums, but please reference us and give us the credit.

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15 Responses to “Operation Moonrise Results Posted!”

  1. Matt Says:

    I respectfully disagree with your Operation Moonrise report. I don't think it's right saying that the audience has grown up, so leave all the homo-sexuality and gender bending in the series. Like it or not, they would still be marketing the show to children. To worst part about it is the Sailor Moon fan pages would not police themselves back when the show originally aired and the worst sort of, "Fans?" took them over. They didn't want to talk about plot or story, but about how so and so is supposed to be homo-sexual. I for one, would not let a ten year old kid visit a site where that's all that was being discussed. So, most of the problems with Sailor Moon is the fans themselves. They are their own worst enemy when it comes to getting the show re-released.

  2. sailordees Says:

    Hi Matt :

    If you read our report, you’d have seen that first of all, the majority of our respondents were over the age of 18. Therefore, the audience has grown up – these are just what the numbers say. The show will be marketed towards kids, no doubt, but we also even suggested that two versions be made for a re-dub. One for younger audiences and one for older audiences, and we cited the example of Cybersix. Please read the “TV Discussion” portion of the report again, you will see that we are not saying that a version for younger audiences should not be made. It is up to the parents to be responsible and decide where their kids are surfing and what they are watching – this is really beyond any of our control. As a general guide, we rate everything that appears on the main page of the site PG-13, and occasionally we post things for older audiences with careful warnings after the post jump. It is difficult to find a balance – but there are sites out there that do exist that focus on plots. It isn’t fair to blame the fans for hindering a re-release too. Each fan has their own opinion, just as you have yours. Our report contains about 20 pages worth of additional comments from the fans with opinions from around the spectrum, and they are about evenly split between those who want a version with no edits, and those who just want a re-release of everything again.

  3. V-V-rae Says:

    What's the big deal? I don't see a problem in kids knowing about the homosexuality, in fact it's only implied in the show, there's no discussion of it and it's not like hiding something from kids won't make it real, it'll just make them more intolerant. When I was little I found a site telling me they were gay and when I told my mom she said "who cares?" It's not like they're talking about sex or anything naughty.
    But even though the sailor moon audience has grown up it wouldn't be marketed for adults it would be marketed for a new generation of children to love it, maybe we can teach them some acceptance this time eh? I wish.

  4. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    Totally agree with V-V- Rae. If Japanese children can handle it, why can't American children too??

  5. ochibawolf Says:

    Everyone needs love, don't be a hater matt.

    The only part I truly disagree with is the Japanese music vs the american music. I hope(if they do decide to re-release SM again) that a HQ Japanese track w/ english subtitles with no change of anything will be included on the disk. ^_^ That way, everyone can be happy!

    Oh and has anyone noticed how some people say "Give it up, sailor moon is old, get on to new anime" When DBZ is still around, old as dirt. It's not fair SM has to fair this way. 🙁

  6. esahC Says:

    Man, the Looney Tunes doesn't get this type of crap.

    Okay, there's the censored 11 and the racial stuff here and there, but still, not this type of crap.

  7. ShinraiTenchi Says:

    I am totally with you there ochibawolf. I was really kind of surprised to see that a large percentage of people wanted the DiC music cues. Takanori Arisawa was such a musical genius; when I first heard the Outer Senshi henshin theme years ago (the first Japanese BGM I heard) I immediately thought how epic the original Japanese BGM was in comparison to the DiC music cues.

    I did like My Only Love over Mysterious Silver Crystal though xD

    I think both DBZ and Sailor Moon had an equally astounding impact so I don't find the treatment of Sailor Moon over the years to be all that fair either :\

  8. ArgoCityCub Says:

    As a gay man,I love the show and was annoyed when they change Zoisite into a female but when i watched the series in the USA i thought they did a good job.But I will always consider Zoisite to be a guy and I do wish they would have kept him that way during the USA version of the series .I really don't understand why most people care what kids look at now a days,I could care less.I hate kids. The fact is kids are always going to be around gay people weather its family,or on the Tv or at Schools.the fact that people can get all pissed off because one character on a popular show is gay and their brats are watching is just dumb.Why ruin it for the rest of us who like the original for brats. Get over yourself homophobic jerk.

    I agree with V-V-rae and CycyN.

    I do hope they re-release the series in its original format with lots of extras and remastered sound,picture and quality and all that jazz.

    I also hope that they release or make new toys and books and cds. If they do this and its successful over here in the US then we might get a sailor stars movie,who knows.

  9. ochibawolf Says:

    Amen to that, ArgoCityCub!!!!! <333333

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Can you post the response you got from Toei and Funamation?

  11. Moon Chase Says:

    I'm pretty sure I discussed this somewhere else on either Twitter or this Blog, but in case you want to know, all I can share with you right now is that the reports were taken seriously by both companies and were being passed around to relevant members to read (we only sent one copy). They were also well-recieved :). I didn't get anything over email, this is all through phone conversations.

  12. Alexandria Says:

    Ok, so if Sailor Moon having homosexuality in it is bad, then half the shows showen in America shouldn't be shown. Sex and the City, all those doctor shows (e.r.). You can't sit and say 'this shouldn't be shown' when something like it already exsists on the network.

    I do hope that Sailor Moon gets a re-release, because I know that it will teach kids important life values. Like always count on your friends when your in trouble, or how to be there for a friends. Because it taught me those important values.

    I'd love to be able to sit down and watch Sailor Moon with my fiancee and my son. Sailor Moon isn't JUST for girls. Though I've noticed most guys watch it for the half naked ladies, that's fine. Because they end up enjoying the show for what it is.

    Now this Matt feller, he needs to be zapped into Moon Dust. *smiles* But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    And Yah, DBZ is still kickin', it just ain't fair to let a very valuable show bite the dust. Toei and FUNimation need to step it up a bit. I agree sailordees. A double showing would be great, in the evening or morning, the cut version, and at night, the un-cut.

    But aside from that, if Toei and FUNimation need to see just HOW MANY people still love Sailor Moon, they should check http://www.fanfiction.net/anime/Sailor_Moon/ that should show them how many people write stories about the series.

    Sailor Moon is and always will be my number 1 top above all favorite among favorites, highest favorite show in the whole world. Rurouni Kenshin in close second and DBZ in 3rd. I'm outta here, 😛

  13. Anonymous Says:

    dear matt, get over it sailor moon was one of the first animes i loved. funimation can make one for kids and one for older people. sailor moon doesn't show homo-sexualitly. only girls learning, crying and going though life prombles in high school. i think an uncut of sailor moon would be better because the cut so much out of the 1&2 and if they can show FAMILY GUY ON TV then they can show sailor moon.

  14. r0cKyLi$ci0us Says:

    Alright in my opinion the whole homo thing doesn't really matter, because when I was a kid and I watched this show, I didn't even notice it. As much homo-sexuality you guys say is in the show for me it doesn't really matter, because if it does get broadcast (God-Willing), I know for a fact that the whole homo thing wouldn't really matter. I mean the kids that are going to watch this are like, what? Six, Seven years old? They aren't really going to notice anything that our older minds would. So Stop worrying. If you don't want to watch it, no one's forcing you.

  15. sailorscouts4ever Says:

    didnt only children of 13 and under have only like 1 percent in the graph ? i dont think it would matter if they kept homo-sexuality in the show, so yeah keep the homo-sexuality i think it pumps up the show xD but that might just be because im crazy.

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