Operation Moonrise Phase 7 Survey Update

Hi Moonies! Unfortunately, Kwiksurveys has been hacked to the point where the service has to shut down. We have downloaded the results but it appears we have lost another 20 or so again. We have decided to therefore move the survey for these last few responses to esurveyspro.com. Since there are 4 new T-shirts as well as a new place to purchase the costumes, we are looking for 200 responses within the next week. We know that there are at least several times that many of you who read this page daily, so we would appreciate if you could take the time to please take the survey and share your comments on the merchandise that has been released so far. We are sad to see Kwiksurveys shut down – our successes would not have been possible without the service. We sincerely hope that those who have harmed the company are brought to justice. Click below for the new link!

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