Operation Moonrise Phase 6 Update!

Hey Moonies!  Thanks to your diligence, we are not even a week into our latest survey and we have already hit the 500 surveys mark!  At this moment we are currently at 505.  What concerns us on staff most is that right now, it is looking like there will not be enough demand to meet the minimum target we hoped for either PGSM or Sera Myu.  Each one of those is barely tipping 50% for the DVD option, which is the most popular among respondents.  We urge fans that if they are really interested in either of these sections of the franchise have an official English release to please take our survey, or else these numbers will not look terribly significant to those who we plan to send them to.  Also, we have received a lot of great comments – so keep those coming!  Thanks again Moonies!

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