Operation Moonrise Phase 6: Last Wane!

Welcome to the new site, Moonies!  And with a new site, comes a new campaign!  Finally, we are launching our latest survey (we can hear some of your groans already, so sorry ahead of time). Before we get into the details of this survey, let’s talk about the last two. Negotiations to bring Sailor Moon to North America are stalled, and will likely remain this way for the next 2-3 months at least (we can’t name our source). The report comprising Phases 4 and 5 has been completed for a month now, but instead of having to write a whole new report for Phase 6, it is much easier to incorporate the new survey into the existing report. And this one will not take long because most of the research has been included in the report already.

This survey is comprised of 11 questions, of which 10 are mandatory. The last 3 of those 10 are demographic questions. The first question asks the definite question of whether a fan would like to have a redub or not. We are asking this question because our site readership has increased drastically since 2009, and many did not get a chance to participate in the survey. The second question asks about other literary works associated with Sailor Moon. Fans will determine the outcomes of 3 & 4, that is to say we will ONLY send these results out if there is significant fan interest. 3 asks about fan interest in PGSM, 4 asks about fan interest in Sera Myu. We are asking about these series because from a marketing standpoint, now is a great time to license and distribute these series given the revival of the anime, and fans’ desires to learn more about the franchise. But, we know that there is only a fraction of the Sailor Moon fandom that appreciates PGSM and/or the Sera Myu musicals. These results will only be forwarded to the North American offices of the two rights holders if there is greater than 75% (>75%) interest in one of the purchasing options of these works. The 75% cannot be cumulative (ex. 45% want to purchase DVDs and 30% want to purchase digital copies). Greater than 75% of fans must commit to ONE option before we send these results out. So please, answer these honestly – we have two contacts that are interested in these results if there is significant fan interest.  We have also left an optional comment space on these questions for the fans.  If you want to leave a comment on these questions please make sure they relate to the production we are asking about (ex. Why you really want to see PGSM or Sera Myu on DVD, what you think of existing fansubs, if you liked any of the extras in particular from Japanese releases etc.). 5 and 6 deal with video games, what fans are interested in purchasing of a Sailor Moon video game, and also what systems you have. And finally, 7 asks if fans are interested in a mobile site like Sailor Moon x ANiMO. There has been some interest in trying to improve mobile anime content, and that is the reason we are asking the fans in this survey. All in all, some portion of these survey results could be forwarded to a maximum of 5 companies (if 3&4 show significant interest).

Question 11 is optional. We have provided space for fans to answer the question “Why I want Sailor Moon back” in a short paragraph. If you answer this question, please answer this honestly. Anything irrelevant or flaming will not be accepted and your survey will be voided. Stuck for ideas? You could tell the companies about how you are missing volumes of the anime from the first time around, how dissatisfied you might be with your fansubs, or how you are bored with current anime series on television and how you’d rather watch Sailor Moon. Please sign a name you would like to be identified with on a separate line (it doesn’t have to be your real name). We ask this so it is easier for the people reading this to know who is saying what when we put them all together. We will not be correcting for spelling and grammar, so if you want your comments to be taken seriously, please make the effort to make sure those are correct before you submit.

This is our last survey – so please make it count! We are aiming for at least 500 responses. We will likely stop this survey sometime in August so the report is completed by the end of September. Thanks to all the fans for their continued support of Operation Moonrise, and we can finally say with this survey that this is the very last one we will ever run!

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