Operation Moonrise Phase 5: Last Survey Ever!

Hey Moonies! Welcome to the last survey ever for Operation Moonrise. We know we said that Phase 4 was going to be our last one ever, but we have a very good reason for this one (we can hear some of you groaning “Another Survey?” already). A few months ago, we sent our first report to a very interested network executive who was impressed! But the exec then suggested that if we were going to have an even bigger impact with the powers that be with this report, that we should ask a few more questions to enhance it. We took this executive’s advice to heart, and put this survey together. There are only 14 questions this time around, and we are not including any space for comments (because we think we’ve gathered enough comments about anything and everything that fans have an opinion on for Sailor Moon). These questions are pretty short and there aren’t a lot of answer options for most questions, so we think this should take the average Moonie about 5-10 minutes to complete (maybe even less). These questions are specifically geared towards respondents who have watched and/or will be watching the series in English, but (as always) will welcome any responses from around the world. We will be splitting these results into two groups, one for those from English-speaking countries, and one for those from other countries.

For those of you wondering about PGSM and the Musicals, the companies are well aware of the level of fan interest for these so it is probably likely we will not have to run a campaign for these two other Sailor Moon related productions. The best we can tell you is that if you are interested in either of these productions, please write a letter to Toei Animation or Bandai Entertainment. These are posted in our forums for members to read. We have done everything we possibly could with the manga so now it is just a waiting game (unless we are asked again).

There are two very important questions in this new survey regarding content in Sailor Moon, and we need you respondents to seriously pretend that you are in these age groups again (6-8 and 9-14) and give us your honest opinion on which content you would find offensive as a kid or tween. This is crucially important should there be any sorts of edits made to the existing dub. The worldwide revival is both capturing the attention of the older fans who have loved the series since the beginning, as well as a new generation of younger “moonies”, and to better understand how to make this work, the powers that be will have a better idea of how to gear a future release with this information. Sailor Moon also will not be able to be as big of a success without the younger audience as they will be the ones who a lot of the toys and other merchandise will be geared towards (also remember that the majority of us who have grown up and are reading this site were kids once too when we discovered the series). If you think you are having a hard time answering these questions, it might be a good idea to see what is popular with kids and tweens around your neighborhood. Ask what sorts of shows they watch and do a little internet research into the contents of these shows, and this should help you figure out a good answer for those questions.

Also, a hotly contested issue among the fans is a possible redub as well as access to the existing version of the dub. We ask two questions about this near the end, and we ask that our fans answer these honestly. One of the questions involves the actors specifically, and we have gotten indications from many companies involved that either the old actors or new actors from FUNImation’s roster are pretty much the only choices that fans will have. We will also tell you that the vast majority of the actors on FUNImation’s rosters are also actors that appear on dubs from Bandai Entertainment as well as Section23 Films. Each company uses nearly the same pool of actors for their dubs and there is a lot of overlap. As of this writing, we are not going to bring in a pool of actors from Ocean Studios and ask for fans’ opinions on them, else we would have to re-run and re-do the first survey and we know that not many fans would be interested in that. The other questions we ask pertain to fans’ first encounters with Sailor Moon, opinion on the episodes’ divergence from the manga, and preferred timeslots on different kinds of networks. For clarification, we have provided some names of networks to make it easier for you to tell the difference between the types of channels. Please pay attention to what the question is asking before you answer them.

Other than answering these questions honestly and seriously, we have no other warnings or caveats to post about this survey! Click the link below when you’re ready! This campaign will be run until Monday August 30th September 13th at Midnight and we have a goal of 500 surveys. Thanks again to all of our readers for their support of our campaigns, and we are hoping that we can call an end to the major parts of our campaigns by October. Our letter writing campaign will continue to be active. And a special thank you to all of the companies for allowing us to be environmentally friendly with these reports and “going green” by accepting them electronically.

5 Responses to “Operation Moonrise Phase 5: Last Survey Ever!”

  1. Nana Says:

    I personally think its fine for kids,it was for kids in the original(the japanese are more lax towards violence and nudity..).I think it would be less contreversial today…spongebob and other kid cartoons have some violence…there is innuendeos and girl stuff like bras on icarly…plus a lot of kids watch stuff like south park and family guy.

  2. animegirlay5 Says:

    agreed, nana!
    i never thought of that! and yes, alot of tweens/teens watch simpsons and stuff… so if sailor moon were to air on nic, all they'd have to do would erase the nudity lines in the transformations and for episode 200, make the silver crystal REALLY shiny with lots of rays.

    oh well. at least sailormoon has mild levels of this stuff and not like "hentai"… ^_^;;

    (awkward thought)

  3. animegirlay5 Says:

    but, what about the lesbian relationships? that wasn't on the test…

  4. animegirlay5 Says:

    *100000000th post* ^_^;;

    i'm thinking of every possible way to spread the word…

    the more people the better!
    sorry about posting… alot -_-
    but at least it shows there are people like me 😀
    who would do anything for sailor moon 🙁

  5. Nana Says:

    @animegirllay5 the homosexuality can simply be cut out-i wont like it but if thats what they gotta do…they could release cut uncut dvds ^^

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